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  • TV-14
  • 2022
  • 2 Seasons
  • 5.7  (25,710)

How I Met Your Father is a charming new comedy-drama series that debuted on Hulu in 2022. Born as a spiritual sequel to the successful series, How I Met Your Mother, the new show maintains the essence and narrative style of its predecessor while introducing a fresh cast of characters with unique personalities and complex relationships.

This charming sitcom is set in the same universe as its parent show but navigates through a different decade, the 2020s, and aims to encapsulate the fundamental aspects of this era. The plot primarily revolves around Sophie - an aspiring author who is navigating her way in the city while grappling with the trials and tribulations of love and life. The series expertly captures her journey and experiences as she gets enmeshed in ambivalent relationships, budding friendships, and personal growth.

As Sophie recounts her story to her son from the future, viewers are taken on a ride through her past where they experience Sophie's and her close-knit group of friends’ ups and downs. This tight group includes the lovesick musician, the startup guru, the gay best friend turned surrogate, and the Instagram influencer—all the ingredients needed to concoct an interesting narrative that touches upon different facets of life.

The portrayal of these characters is nuanced and heavily laden with humor and wit, creating dynamic personalities that viewers can relate to. As they explore romance, heartbreak, career strife, and overall adulting, their intertwining stories create an engaging narrative full of laughter, tears, and occasional gasps.

The show ingeniously makes use of 'flash forwards', a storytelling technique that gives us glimpses into the future, subtly hinting how certain decisions made in the present might have far-reaching consequences – an interesting perspective on the concept of life and fate.

The creators of How I Met Your Father have tastefully presented a modern commentary on relationships, love, and personal growth while honoring the style and vibe of How I Met Your Mother. However, this new sitcom also sets itself apart in many ways. While How I Met Your Mother was predominantly about Ted's search for 'The One', How I Met Your Father focuses on Sophie’s journey as an independent woman trying to balance personal aspirations, friendships, and romantic entanglements.

Adding a twist of technological advancement, the show subtly exhibits how the landscape of dating and relationships has dramatically changed with the advent of dating apps and social media. This contemporary series captures the essence of current times, reflecting the complex uncertainties surrounding love in the age of endless choice.

Its unique narrative structure that flows back and forth in time adds an element of intrigue to the storyline. The weaving of past experiences with future outcomes builds up suspense and continually underlines the cause-and-effect relationship of life decisions.

The show's diverse cast showcases a range of personalities, each with their unique story and perspective, reflecting the cosmopolitan society we live in today. Each character adds a nuanced layer to the storyline, thereby ensuring that viewers witness an array of emotions and situations.

How I Met Your Father embraces the heartfelt humor that had made its predecessor hugely popular while channeling its own distinct charm and spirit. The show masterfully captures the essence of the present times and presents it through the lens of sweetness, sentiment, and wit. It is a promising entrant in the genre of romantic comedy series that are not just mere narratives but also thoughtful commentaries on our times. All in all, this comic-drama sitcom on Hulu is a delightful and nostalgic trip that leaves you hooked, making you eagerly await the next episode.

How I Met Your Father is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on January 18, 2022.

How I Met Your Father
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Okay Fine, It's a Hurricane
20. Okay Fine, It's a Hurricane
July 11, 2023
Everyone heads to Pemberton's to weather out the hurricane.
Shady Parker
19. Shady Parker
July 11, 2023
Jesse tricks the gang into helping him pack his stuff in the apartment.
Parent Trap
18. Parent Trap
July 4, 2023
Sophie tries to Parent Trap her parents. Sid and Ellen try their own master plan to nudge Jesse and Charlie into being roommates with each other.
Out of Sync
17. Out of Sync
June 27, 2023
The gang go a day without their cell phones, forced to face the world without help from the internet.
The Jersey Connection
16. The Jersey Connection
June 20, 2023
Ellen suspects something is up with Rachel. She and Sid do a stakeout. Sophie tracks an upset Jesse down after he wasn't invited to a coworker's birthday party.
Working Girls
15. Working Girls
June 13, 2023
Sophie and Ellen get assigned to a work project together. Sid surprises Hannah in LA. Charlie and Val try to make the most of their time with Jesse after he gets a bad psychic reading.
Disengagement Party
14. Disengagement Party
June 6, 2023
Sophie pulls in the big guns to help her get Val out of her engagement. Sid and Hannah argue about where they'll live. Jesse helps Charlie and Ellen through a roommate faux pas.
Family Business
13. Family Business
May 30, 2023
Sophie and her dad run a business out of Pemberton's. Charlie and Jesse meet women they like. Val and Ellen treat themselves to a fancy  open house.
Not a Mamma Mia
12. Not a Mamma Mia
May 23, 2023
Sophie recruits the gang to help track down her father. 
11. Daddy
March 28, 2023
Sophie goes to Robert's country house for the weekend. The gang celebrates Lost & Found Box Day at Pemberton's.
I'm His Swish
10. I'm His Swish
March 28, 2023
Sophie dates an older man, which encourages Jesse, Sid, and Charlie to take better care of themselves. Sophie and Val battle over who gets the apartment for date night.
The Welcome Protocol
9. The Welcome Protocol
March 21, 2023
Val brings Sophie to a work event so they can party all night with the rich and famous. Jesse wants to introduce the friends to a new girl he's seeing, forcing them to spring into action and invoke the Welcome Protocol.
8. Rewardishment
March 14, 2023
Jesse and Sid introduce the gang to an old college ritual. They all spend the next 48 hours attempting to complete various tasks in order to achieve a group rewardishment.
A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Valentine's Day
7. A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Valentine's Day
March 7, 2023
The gang recounts their worst Valentine's Day experiences in order to cheer up Ellen.
Universal Therapy
6. Universal Therapy
February 28, 2023
Sophie encounters an obstacle with a new beau. Ellen uses her new job insurance to see a therapist. Jesse gives Valentina a hand at work while Sid and Charlie try to sell terrible wine.
Ride or Die
5. Ride or Die
February 21, 2023
Sophie and Val have conflicting feelings about brunch with Val's parents. The gang attends Jesse's Long Island show.
Pathetic Deirdre
4. Pathetic Deirdre
February 14, 2023
Sophie and Val question where they are in their careers and reach out to an old friend. Jesse and Meredith make a tour announcement video.
The Reset Button
3. The Reset Button
February 7, 2023
After selling her portrait, Sophie recruits Jesse to help her impress the buyers. Val and Ellen go on a double date. Charlie forces a reluctant Sid and Hannah into a double date in reaction to Val.
Midwife Crisis
2. Midwife Crisis
January 31, 2023
As she waits for the gallery to call, Sophie lands a gig she lied to get and enlists Val to help. Jesse forces Sid and Meredith to work out their differences.
Cool and Chill
1. Cool and Chill
January 24, 2023
After Sophie's gallery show and Ian's arrival, Sid and Hannah host an impromptu wedding reception at Pemberton's. Jesse grapples with his decisions and confides in Ellen about Meredith.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 18, 2022
  • IMDB Rating
    5.7  (25,710)