Watch TV Shows on Hulu

Hulu is a Video On Demand service that allows users to stream the latest episodes of many television shows a week after they air. It also offers a large library of past shows and movies and access to movie trailers for upcoming films. The name comes from two Chinese words that mean bottle gourd, which was traditionally a container to hold something precious, and interactive recording. The founders consider both of these things to be an embodiment of their company's mission statement. Hulu is free, but it also offers Hulu Plus, which costs a monthly fee. Hulu Plus has fewer commercials, a larger catalog of shows and is available as an app for mobile devices and various streaming systems. You can watch Hulu shows the day after they air on Hulu Plus.

Hulu partners with ABC, the CW, Fox, FX, ScyFy, Turner Broadcasting, the USA Network and others. That means many of the most popular shows on television are on Hulu. This has made it a strong alternative for people looking to move away from traditional television services. Hulu also produces a number of original series that can't be watched elsewhere. Its exclusive shows include talk shows, reality shows, animated programs, documentary series and comedies. Hulu has also brought back cancelled soap operas to further their run.