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  • TV-PG
  • 2020
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.0  (3,486)

"The Hardy Boys" is a family-friendly mystery series based on the famous literary franchise of the same name, which has inspired generations of readers since the 1920s. The show is a Hulu original, and it premiered in late 2020 to critical acclaim and positive audience feedback.

Starring Alexander Elliot and Rohan Campbell as the titular brothers Frank and Joe Hardy respectively, the show follows the two teenage detectives as they move to a small town called Bridgeport with their parents. Their idyllic life is shattered when their mother Trudy (played by Sharon Gless) is killed in a car accident, which the police deem accidental. However, Frank and Joe are not so sure about that - they soon discover evidence that suggests that their mother's death might have been murder.

From this point on, "The Hardy Boys" becomes a thrilling, fast-paced adventure as the brothers use their detective skills to uncover the truth about their mother's death. Along the way, they make new friends and meet colorful characters, as they delve deeper into the secrets and mysteries of Bridgeport.

The show strikes a good balance between drama, suspense, and humor, making it appealing to both kids and adults. The teenage leads are charming and likable, and their chemistry on screen is palpable. Fans of the original book series will appreciate that the show remains faithful to the source material, while also updating it for a modern audience.

One of the standout features of "The Hardy Boys" is its excellent production values - the show looks and feels like a high-budget Hollywood production. The scenic town of Bridgeport is beautifully shot, and the show makes good use of its Canadian locations to create a cozy, small-town atmosphere.

The supporting cast is also strong, with notable performances from Keana Lyn Bastidas as Biff, a tough-talking teenage girl who befriends the Hardy Boys, and James Tupper as their father Fenton, a former detective who starts investigating his wife's death after the police dismiss it as an accident.

Another aspect of the show that makes it unique is its use of technology. Frank and Joe are depicted as tech-savvy teenage sleuths, who use their smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets to aid them in their investigations. This makes the show feel current and relevant, and it will likely resonate with younger viewers.

"The Hardy Boys" is a series that will keep you on the edge of your seat, as the brothers uncover clues, solve puzzles, and outwit their enemies. Each episode is well-paced, with plenty of cliffhangers and plot twists to keep viewers hooked. Whether you're a longtime fan of the books or a newcomer to the franchise, this show is definitely worth checking out. Its blend of mystery, adventure, and family drama makes it a perfect choice for a cozy night in with loved ones.

The Hardy Boys is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on December 4, 2020.

The Hardy Boys
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A Wild Ride
8. A Wild Ride
July 26, 2023
As The Core's true purpose is revealed, the Hardy Boys and their friends must band together to save themselves, and the world, from an unheard-of technology that could forever change life as they know it.
At The Old House
7. At The Old House
July 26, 2023
The Hardy Boys get the thing they want most and must race to deactivate The Core before it's too late.
The Spider's Net
6. The Spider's Net
July 26, 2023
With the help of Drew, the gang make a daring plan to retrieve The Core, but their loved ones' lives hang in balance.
5. Revelation
July 26, 2023
After a shocking blow, the gang must divide and conquer to determine the identity of Deep Voice and get The Core back.
The Crash
4. The Crash
July 26, 2023
With Frank back, the race is on to locate the third and final Relic, but the bad guys are hot on the Hardy Boys' trail.
A Promise of Trouble
3. A Promise of Trouble
July 26, 2023
The gang join Callie at Rosegrave with hopes of saving Frank, but they'll require the help of an old foe, and The Power of The Eye.
A Vanishing Act
2. A Vanishing Act
July 26, 2023
Betrayed by one of their own, the gang struggle to understand the meaning behind George Estabrook's map and are soon faced with a shocking quid pro quo.
A Strange Inheritance
1. A Strange Inheritance
July 26, 2023
When the gang learn the location of George Estabrook's (Philip Craig) hidden Codexes, they must enlist the help of an unlikely ally to retrieve them before anyone else.
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The Hardy Boys is available for streaming on the Hulu website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Hardy Boys on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon and Hulu.
  • Premiere Date
    December 4, 2020
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (3,486)