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  • TV-MA
  • 2023
  • 1 Season
  • 6.6  (6,305)

Hulu's groundbreaking thriller series, Class of '09, takes you on a suspenseful rollercoaster ride that reshapes the idea of time-travel and pulls at the strings of what we perceive as reality. Taking place across different timelines, the series explores themes of existential anxiety, nostalgia, and the harrowing struggle for justice.

The series starts with a group of FBI agents, all members of the Class of '09 from the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. These agents, who shared a bond, went separate ways into different branches of the Bureau, only to be brought together again due to an unanticipated situation. Now, they find themselves propelled into a confounding and destructive time-related phenomenon, one that disregards the laws of physics and shakes the foundations of their understanding, threatening to tear them and the world as we know it apart.

The narrative offers a unique blend of past and future, blending the expressive nostalgia connected to the past with the thrilling uncertainty of the future. It takes us on a journey along with these prodigious agents, who now find themselves in a position where they have to save the world, but to do so, they will need to confront their own pasts, renew old alliances, and reconcile with their personal demons. The mesmerising weave through the time vortex constantly asks questions about fate, choice, and the mystery behind existence.

At the heart of the story are the characters themselves - diverse, complex, and hauntingly human. Their shared history, interspersed with personal narratives, forms an intricate tapestry that lends to the show's rich emotional resonance. As each character is pushed to their limits, as much by external forces as internal anguish, the viewers get an intimate insight into their struggles, triumphs, and evolving relationships.

The protagonist is a hard-nosed yet empathetic leader, who carries the weight of his team's survival on his shoulders. Aside from him, the other characters include a whip-smart profiler, a straight-arrow field agent, a stoic intelligence analyst, and a brilliant tech specialist. Despite their diverse backgrounds and personalities, it becomes quickly evident that their fortitude and friendship are the team's greatest strengths amidst the chaotic storm. These are not just agents, each with their unique extraordinary skills, but human beings trying to deal with personal shortcomings, existential crises, and emotional dilemmas even in the face of conflicts of cosmic proportions.

Class of '09 is also not just about time-warped thrillers or crime-solving agents but a commentary on human nature, investigating the aspects of redemption, resilience, and the power of memories. It grapples with the age-old debate between destiny and free will, elegantly juxtaposing it against the backdrop of interpersonal relationships, making the viewers contemplate their beliefs. It offers a broader emotional and philosophical scope that far exceeds its genre's conventions, transforming it into a work of speculative fiction that is both intellectually and emotionally engaging.

The series brings forward unique storytelling, seamlessly weaving the suspense of a thriller, the speculation of science fiction, and the depth of a character drama. The credit for the series' captivation also goes to its visually stunning and cerebral cinematography, inserting non-linear narratives that keep viewers hooked and invested in the story's originality and unpredictability. The pacing is well-executed, gradually revealing twists and turns while delving deeper into the character development, keeping the viewers on a suspenseful hook.

Hulu's Class of '09 signifies a philosophical, thrilling adventure through time and space with a fresh approach that elevates it from typical crime dramas to a contemplative exploration of self and society. As it moves effortlessly between fast-paced chase sequences, intense personal confrontations, and meditative reflections, the series offers an emotionally charged, riveting viewing experience coupled with a slice of nostalgia. Its intricate plot urges viewers to question, 'what if?' In the process, it reminds everyone of their past and its everlasting impact on the present and future.

The series unapologetically uses a classic paradox of time travel as a device to unravel a story that thrills and questions, breaks and reassembles, but mostly, it navigates through the endless sea of existential thought, the very essence of humanity, and our ephemeral existence. Prepare yourself to commence on an exploration of time, space, and human resilience with 'Class of 09', because when the countdown begins, all bets are off.

Class of '09 is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on May 10, 2023.

Class of '09
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8. Graduation
June 21, 2023
In the present, Tayo seizes control of the Bureau. In the future, the Class of '09 reunites in a final showdown with the system they created. In the past, the trainees graduate, wondering where they will all end up.
Orders Night
7. Orders Night
June 14, 2023
At Quantico, the final tests before graduation are accompanied by a reveal of where the trainees will be posted.
Hogan's Alley
6. Hogan's Alley
June 7, 2023
At Quantico, the Class of '09 must complete the impossible challenges of Hogan's Alley.
The Problem Is People
5. The Problem Is People
May 31, 2023
In the past, as the Class of '09 grapple with the complex history of the Bureau. In the present, we see how his dreams of making amends for the Bureau's history are threatening that love story. In the future, the Class of '09 finally confront each other.
Not Your Girlfriend
4. Not Your Girlfriend
May 24, 2023
At Quantico, the Class of '09 faces the meaning of taking a life. In the present, the Agents must thwart a terrorist attack and to save lives, they must take a life. In the future, we come face to face with their trauma.
Thank You for Not Driving
3. Thank You for Not Driving
May 17, 2023
At Quantico, Poet faces a challenging driving course. In the present, Poet's undercover operation brings the FBI to a critical juncture, while Tayo hunts down a domestic terrorist cell. In the future, Poet investigates the scope of Tayo's power.
The Fitness Test
2. The Fitness Test
May 10, 2023
At Quantico, the Class of '09 must pass a physical fitness test or face expulsion. The trainee most at risk is Tayo, and as we see him struggle in the past, in the present, he faces one of the most dangerous threats the Bureau has ever experienced. In the future, we see how these shocking events were behind the radical changes he's made to the Bureau.
Part of Something
1. Part of Something
May 10, 2023
The Class of '09 meets for the first time at Quantico. In the present, Agent Poet concludes her most challenging undercover operation only to be plunged into another. In the future, with the Bureau radically changed, Poet's career reaches a crisis point.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 10, 2023
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (6,305)