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This thriller series depicts a dystopian United States in which one night a year is set aside for total lawlessness. The theory is that if criminals are allowed to behave badly once a year, they'll be good the rest of the time. The series is spun off from the film franchise built on the same incredible premise.

Tuesday at 10:00 PM on USA Network
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
September 4, 2018
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The Purge Full Episode Guide

  • As Purge Night rages on, Esme, Ryan, Marcus and Ben fight for their lives and their loved ones.

  • As Purge Night rages on, Esme, Ryan, Marcus and Ben fight for their lives.

  • Purge Night looms; Ryan and Esme put a plan into motion; Marcus readies for a showdown; Ben spirals.

  • Marcus' family makes a tough decision; Esme and Ryan risk it all; Ben destroys someone he loves.

  • Marcus sinks into darkness. Esme is on the run. Ben returns home. Ryan gets an unexpected visitor.

  • In the world of The Purge, Ryan, Marcus, Esme, and Ben learn that some lines can't be un-crossed.

  • Marcus confronts his past. Esme learns the truth. Ryan changes his plan. Ben seeks understanding.

  • The residual effects of Purge Night infect the lives of Ryan, Marcus, and Esme.

  • The city cleans up last night's Purge, but Ryan, Marcus, Esme and Ben can't shake its effects.

  • Four interconnected characters navigate the aftermath of the Purge over the ensuing year.

  • Penelope takes charge; Miguel and Pete grapple with an unexpected enemy.

  • Joe debates the Purge with Jane; Miguel teams up with Pete to rescue Penelope.

  • Lila grapples with rejection. Miguel and Penelope seek the safety of the Cantina.

  • Miguel and Penelope hike the forest. Jane must endure David's party. Rick doubts Lila's intentions.

  • Joe remembers the past. Miguel confronts Henry. Jane learns a dark truth about David Ryker.

  • Catalina warns Jenna; Henry torments Penelope; Jane goes on a ride along with the Matron Saints.

  • Jane must leave the office. Lila consoles Jenna. Penelope is thrust into the Carnival of Flesh.

  • Penelope prepares for her sacrifice. Rick and Jenna weigh the cost of closing their business deal.

  • Jane considers the morality of Purge. Miguel searches for Pete the Cop.

  • Purge Commencement looms. Several characters find themselves venturing into the chaos of the night.

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7:01am Clip (00:20) Hail Mary Clip (00:21) Happy Holidays Clip (00:21) House Of Mirrors Clip (00:21) Blindspots Clip (00:20) Everything Is Fine Clip (00:46) This Is Not A Test Clip (01:51) The Purge TV Series 1x10 Promo "A Nation Reborn" (HD) Season Finale Clip (00:41)

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