Watch TV Shows on USA Network

USA Network is a satellite and Basic cable television channel owned and operated by NBC Universal Cable. One of the first channels to use satellite in order to deliver their programming through cable systems. In the beginning, they mostly aired sports with a few slots open for kids programming. Over the last couple decades, USA has expanded their entertainment package by including a variety of original programming geared towards adult audiences. Most of their original programs focus on scripted drama, and some include a comedic element. The Network also shows syndicated reruns of both current and former popular network series.

Most of their current fan base is due to shows like Suits, Sirens, and Burn Notice just to name a few. These fan favorites are part of the USA networks prime time line up and responsible for the increase in ratings they are currently seeing. Some of the reruns they often air are NCIS, Law and Order, Monk, and Modern Family. The network also broadcasts annual coverage of The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and brings with it a high fan following. Watch out for some of their newer shows, It Takes a Choir, Complications, and Dig. The USA Network is well-known for the variety of entertainment content they provide.