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  • TV-MA
  • 2022
  • 1 Season
  • 7.4  (4,387)

Kindred is a sci-fi drama series that premiered on FX and Hulu in 2022. The show is based on the novel of the same name by Octavia E. Butler that was published in 1979. Kindred follows Dana James, a young Black woman and aspiring writer living in Los Angeles who finds herself repeatedly transported back in time to a 19th century plantation in the antebellum South.

Dana is suddenly and inexplicably drawn back to the plantation, where she meets her ancestors who are enslaved there. Each time she returns to the present day, only a few moments have passed, no matter how long she was gone. As she struggles to understand the meaning behind her travels through time and the connection to her family's painful history, Dana's modern day life in Los Angeles slowly begins to unravel.

In 19th century Maryland, Dana connects with her matrilineal ancestor Rufus Weylin, the son of the plantation owners who occupies a unique role as both a slave master and an enslaved person. Though Dana tries to influence Rufus for the better and save her ancestor from the violence of slavery, she finds her attempts have grave and unintended consequences.

Torn between her life in the present and the plantation of the past, Dana begins to realize the role that her ancestors' traumatic experiences of slavery play in who she is today. Through her repeated time jumps, she gains perspective on how the racial injustices of the past persist into modern day society.

With brilliant acting that spans two timelines, Kindred delivers an intense viewing experience that brings Octavia Butler’s thought-provoking novel to life. The show tackles tough subjects about race, power, freedom, and the ties that bind us to our family histories and ancestral traumas. While staying true to its source material, the TV adaptation also modernizes the story for today's audiences.

The showrunners assembled a talented cast to portray the main characters. Mallori Johnson delivers a powerful lead performance as Dana, capturing her strength and vulnerability. Micah Stock is compelling as the complex Rufus, portraying both his cruelty and humanity. Ryan Kwanten and Gayle Rankin play Rufus' parents who own the plantation, depicting their obliviousness to their own monstrosity.

With its unique concept blending science fiction and hard historical truths, Kindred is a daring and important series. The show shines a light on the lasting impacts of America’s history of slavery and oppression. While often painful to watch, it ultimately presents messages of courage, resilience, and hope. Through Dana’s eyes, viewers gain insight into how we are all connected across time, space, and generations.

Kindred is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on December 13, 2022.

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8. Alice
December 13, 2022
Dana finds herself in a dire situation; Kevin chases a runaway slave; Tom seeks to restate order on his plantation.
7. Jane
December 13, 2022
Tom takes Kevin and Rufus on a trip to town; without Kevin's protection on the plantation, Dana struggles with a vengeful Margaret.
6. Celeste
December 13, 2022
The enslaved population faces unforeseen consequences from Dana's well-meaning actions; Margaret's search for Rufus's future wife finds Kevin drawn deeper into the family drama.
5. Winnie
December 13, 2022
Dana and Kevin find themselves back on the farm; a confrontation with Olivia makes Dana re-evaluate her purpose; Kevin must find a way to explain his mysterious return to the Weylin family.
The Waiter from Two Nights Ago
4. The Waiter from Two Nights Ago
December 13, 2022
Back in Los Angeles, Dana and Kevin prepare to return to the past but have to deal with the familiar fallout of their travels.
3. Furniture
December 13, 2022
Dana and Olivia search for the answer to what keeps bringing Dana back to the past; Kevin acts the gracious party goer at the behest of his hosts.
2. Sabina
December 13, 2022
A nosy neighbour puts the wrong kind of spotlight on Dana before a nasty fall triggers a trip back to the past; Kevin gains first-hand experience of Dana's troubles as the pair are forced to play uncomfortable roles in order to stay out of harm's way.
1. Dana
December 13, 2022
Dana comes to town expecting a warm welcome from family, but she's met with the opposite; some comfort arrives in the form of a new friend.
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  • Premiere Date
    December 13, 2022
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (4,387)