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  • 2022
  • 1 Season
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Here's the thing Tom Smallwood (Pete Holmes) knows about bowling: You get two chances. No matter what you do with the first ball, you get another roll to make it right. A story of the ultimate second chance, Smallwood tells of a Detroit assembly-line worker who, with the consent of his loving wife (Katie Lowes), decides to turn an unexpected layoff into a dream-fulfilling new job as a pro bowler. Based on the true "modern-day Michigan fable" of three-time PBA Tour winner Tom Smallwood.

How We Roll is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (11 episodes). The series first aired on March 31, 2022.

How We Roll
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The Big One
11. The Big One
May 19, 2022
When Tom's mentor and coach, Archie, suffers a heart attack just days before the World Series of Bowling, Tom struggles with whether to stay with him in the hospital or leave to compete in the biggest tournament of his career.
10. The PTQ
May 19, 2022
As Tom and Archie prepare for the pre-tournament qualifier, they lay out strict rules for Tom's family to follow to ensure Tom keeps his head in the game and qualifies for the World Series of Bowling.
The Houseguest
9. The Houseguest
May 12, 2022
When Tom's bowling idol, Rick Rholla, falls on hard times, Tom invites him to stay at his home until he's back on his feet. However, Tom and his family quickly learn that Rick is the worst houseguest to have around.
The Big Secret
8. The Big Secret
May 12, 2022
Helen unexpectedly ghosts Archie, and Tom discovers that Archie's been keeping a HUGE secret.
The Power of Positive Thinking
7. The Power of Positive Thinking
May 5, 2022
Tom asks Archie to listen to a podcast about the power of positivity in the hope that he'll adopt a more constructive, less critical coaching style.
The Date
6. The Date
April 28, 2022
When Pete's mother, Helen, agrees to a date with Archie
The Laundry Basket
5. The Laundry Basket
April 28, 2022
Tom worries about his mom's safety after she gets stuck in a laundry basket.
The First Tournament
4. The First Tournament
April 21, 2022
When Tom travels out of town for his first bowling tournament, he has the rough realization that his bowling idols are now his rivals. Also, Helen comes to help Jen at home and work while Tom's away, but she gets into an argument with Jen's boss, putting her daughter-in-law's job in jeopardy.
The Hustle
3. The Hustle
April 14, 2022
Looking for ways to make extra cash, Tom considers selling his prized baseball card collection so he can treat Jen, who's been working extra hours at the salon.
The Sponsor
2. The Sponsor
April 7, 2022
Tom must choose between loyalty to his mentor, Archie, and money when his first TV interview leads to a new sponsorship deal, but he can only feature one logo on his bowling shirt: Archie Lanes, Home of the Curly Fry, or Powell Mortuary. Also, Jen's boss stifles her creativity at the salon.
1. Pilot
March 31, 2022
Tom Smallwood, gets laid off from his factory job and makes the decision to follow his dream of becoming a professional bowler.
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    March 31, 2022
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    5.4  (645)