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  • 2018
  • 1 Season

Huda Boss is a reality web series that revolves around the lives of the Kattan family, owned by the glamorous makeup artist Huda Kattan and her younger sister Mona Monica Kattan. The show premiered on Facebook Watch in June 2018 and aired its last episode in August 2018.

The series introduces viewers to the behind-the-scenes of the family's lifestyle and business as they run their beauty empire. The storyline predominantly revolves around the daily craze of running a business, managing personal relationships, and the day-to-day challenges of building an empire in the cosmetic industry.

The protagonist of the series, Huda, is a well-established personality in the beauty world, widely known for creating one of the most successful cosmetic companies, Huda Beauty. Huda's role throughout the show is depicted as the driving force behind the company, overseeing every detail from product development, marketing, and team management.

In contrast, her sister Mona is the powerhouse in the business with her experience in finance, strategy, and operations. She plays a crucial role in the series, doing most of the business operations, running the finance department, and making critical business decisions. The series portrays the relationship between the two sisters as formidable and loving, but they often face varying challenges that threaten to ruin the business and the family's bond.

The show's pilot episode opens with the Kattan sisters participating in a talk-situation with Forbes, discussing how they run their business and their future goals. Viewers are taken through the various stages of creating a cosmetic line, from product development through to the inception of the various ranges. The sisters later jet off to Dubai to showcase their products and take part in a conference.

However, as the series progresses, the sisters face various obstacles in operating the flourishing business, including issues with the packaging and the quality of their products. This leads to financial losses and forces the sisters to come up with various strategies to try to salvage the situation. We see the sisters bearing the brunt of these business challenges, often succumbing to the pressure, occasionally arguing or snapping at each other.

Notably, the show highlights the impact of social media on the cosmetic industry and the sisters' business. The Kattan sisters are shown engaging with their followers, utilizing social media to create awareness of their products, and connecting with influencers to promote their brand.

Huda Boss is unique as it does not only deal with everyday business challenges but also the personalities of the people behind the business. Viewers are given a sneak peek into the Kattan family's lives, getting to know each member of the family and seeing how each individual contributes to the company's success.

The series is a representation of the modern-day family business and highlights the struggles entrepreneurs face while running a successful business. It depicts the importance of resilience, sacrifice, and teamwork in running a fast-paced business.

In conclusion, Huda Boss is a fantastic show for anyone interested in learning about the modern world of entrepreneurship, the cosmetic industry, or the dynamics of family businesses. The show perfectly captures the highs and lows of the business world and reveals what it takes to make it in the cut-throat industry. While the series is short-lived, it remains an accurate representation of what goes on behind the scenes of a cosmetic empire.

Huda Boss
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The Big Apple Bake Off
10. The Big Apple Bake Off
August 14, 2018
With their personal relationship at an all-time low, Huda and Mona must decide if they can put their differences aside and make a good impression on New York's press elite.
The Banana Slip
9. The Banana Slip
August 7, 2018
As the New York prep heats up, Huda continues to question Mona's work ethic and avoids Mona's yacht party. Mona questions if it’s time for her to retire from Huda Beauty.
Birthday Blowout
8. Birthday Blowout
July 31, 2018
The entire family heads to Mauritius to celebrate Mona’s birthday, but the mood turns sour when Huda clashes with her over her work in France. The sisters wonder who daddy’s favorite daughter really is?
Not Everyone is Coming Up Roses
7. Not Everyone is Coming Up Roses
July 24, 2018
With Huda still reeling from Beauty Pop, she sends Mona to France alone for their first fragrance shoot. Meanwhile Huda clashes with Alya over their latest social media shoot, and Mona doubts her own ability to execute without Huda.
Beauty Battles
6. Beauty Battles
July 17, 2018
The concealer team finally gets some good news. Huda and Mona meet their fans at a huge beauty event, but conflict erupts when Huda feels Mona's dedication to Dollhouse is taking away from Huda Beauty.
Milan Rouge
5. Milan Rouge
July 10, 2018
Huda, Chris and Emaan head to Italy for one last effort to fix the concealer. Chris ruins date night by confronting a resistant Huda about opening an LA office. Meanwhile, Mona goes on a date with her ex-trainer Jeremy to see if there’s chemistry.
Huda Baby?
4. Huda Baby?
July 3, 2018
Wrapping up their trip to Los Angeles, Mona goes on a blind date, while Huda is anxious to get back to Dubai and work. The minute they get home, Huda throws herself into a Rose Gold relaunch and worries she might be pregnant.
Not So Easy Bake Shoot
3. Not So Easy Bake Shoot
June 26, 2018
It's time for the biggest and most expensive product campaign Huda Beauty has done to date, Easy Bake. But in an effort to be everything to everyone, Huda works herself to the point of exhaustion.
Million Dollar Mistake
2. Million Dollar Mistake
June 19, 2018
The entire Kattan family heads to LA. Huda struggles with balancing work and family commitments as she is set to meet up with cosmetic giant Too-Faced on an important day to Chris and Nour. Huda gets more bad news about her concealer and is overwhelmed by the gravity of the products’ issues.
One Big Huda Family
1. One Big Huda Family
June 12, 2018
The Huda Beauty team preps their biggest product launch to date, the concealer. While Huda’s right-hand Mona is out with friends and a potential love interest, Huda gets blindsided when realizing their new concealer is a flop.
  • Premiere Date
    June 12, 2018