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In the anime series In Another World with My Smartphone, a young man is given another chance at life after he is accidentally killed by God. This time around, he lives in a magical world. But the most important thing to him is that he be allowed to have his phone in the next life.

In Another World with My Smartphone is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on July 11, 2017.

Where do I stream In Another World with My Smartphone online? In Another World with My Smartphone is available for streaming on , both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch In Another World with My Smartphone on demand at Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Tuesday 8:30 PM et/pt
1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 11, 2017
Animation & Cartoon Anime Fantasy
Cast: Leah Clark, Amber Lee Connors, Josh Grelle, Jill Harris
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In Another World with My Smartphone Full Episode Guide

  • When Touya returns to the mansion, the problem of taking his brides awaits. Yumina and Linze (mostly Yumina) push and push until Touya accepts his engagements. Even Elze and Yae get to join in the polygyny! Hey, are you okay with this, protagonist?!

  • Before him lies a young girl in white panties. After Touya arrives at the aerial garden, he's greeted by a young girl in white panties, Francesca. She's the keeper of the garden.

  • After arriving at the beach where the Nilya Ruins lie, Touya and the others take a moment to enjoy the seaside. With so many beautiful girls in swimsuits, Touya's heart is racing!

  • Touya arrives in Oedo, a Japanese-style castle town within Tokugawa Ieyahsu's domain, and quickly heads to Yae's home. There he meets their servant, Ayane, and Yae's mother, Nanae, before hearing that Yae's father and brother went off to war with Ieyahsu.

  • Touya is hired to investigate a magician researching Slime Beasts, something the girls are reluctant to do since Slimes dissolve clothing. They encounter numerous slimes and discover the magician had created a slime capable of transforming into a harem of beautiful girls before dying of old age. The girls, already angry at having their clothes dissolved, burn his castle to the ground along with all his research. Later Touya helps Yae return a lost girl to her mother by combining a Null search spell with the maps on his smartphone. Yae asks him to search for her brother and is happy to learn he is safe at her family dojo. She becomes embarrassed when she realises Touya resembles her brother. While experimenting with his smartphone and Null magic Touya helps Linze perform a new water bomb spell. While shopping with Elze Touya sees her admiring a dress and buys it for her, so the other girls all insist he buy them something as well. Touya receives a letter from the royal capital informing him he is to be made a Knight as thanks for finding the culprit behind the kings poisoning.

  • "Touya and the others head to ruins on a new quest from the Guild. There they encounter the ancient royal capital, abandoned after the capital was moved a millennium ago."

  • "While surprised by the differences from his previous world, Touya is growing accustomed to living in the new world with his smartphone. Together, he, Elze, and Linze accept a mission to head to... more

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