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Jack is a fun-loving alien explorer whose coolest discovery yet is Planet Earth!With the help of his alien dog Rocket and his robotic assistant Chip, Jack sets out on fun and daring adventures to learn about this strange planet. Jack is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 24, 2014.

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2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
January 24, 2014
Kids & Family
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Jack Full Episode Guide

  • A bizarre alien reaction to a bee sting causes Rocket to inflate like a giant floating balloon and Jack must find a source of adrenaline to help return his pal to normal.

  • Jack brings an alien gizmo to Earth to speed up Nico's slow internet which causes everyone around to suffer vertigo. But the device's automated defense system prevents Jack from getting close enough to shut it off!

  • When Jack's ship crash lands on a deserted planet, the pals are in danger of being trapped there forever by its super-strong gravity.

  • When Rocket inadvertently gains camouflage abilities, the gang suddenly has their hands full searching for an almost invisible alien dog that thinks he's playing hide-and-seek!

  • When Jack's face is caught on camera, the pals must make a rubber mask of Jack's face to convince everyone the 'alien sighting' was just a prank.

  • When Jack brings an adorable alien pet to Earth to show the kids, the fast-reproducing creatures start taking over the entire ecosystem.

  • When Jack sets out to create a lone bolt of lightning, he accidentally triggers a dangerous storm that quickly gets out of control.

  • When Yoki accidentally inhales a miniature Rocket, the little alien dog gets stuck in his lungs, prompting a desperate rescue mission by his miniaturized alien pals!

  • To help his pal enjoy more flavors, Jack modifies some of Nico's taste buds, causing his tongue to swell up to giant proportions.

  • After Jack causes Sam to lose her voice just before a singing contest, the aliens shrink down and explore her vocal cords in an attempt to figure out what the problem is.

  • Jack tries some garlic in an attempt to ease his cold, but the pungent herb has some unintended silly side effects on his personality.

  • When Jack's new invisible probe goes out of control, the pals must find it before the alien device causes unseen mayhem around the city.

  • Jack is content to let his robot replacement do all his work until the overly efficient RoboJack shorts out, leaving the duo stranded in the jungle.

  • Jack's new 'Iron Man' type hydraulic suit goes out of control and launches an unmanned attack on Nico's neighborhood!

  • After Jack bumps his head, he becomes convinced he's a human, free to walk about on Earth and interact with its inhabitants, starting with Nico and Sam's parents!

  • When Jack's ship runs out of fuel, the pals race against time to make enough bio-fuel for Jack to get home, before Mom and Dad discover his spaceship hidden in the garage.

  • After Rocket eats too much spicy food, the suddenly-smoke-breathing alien dog has everyone yelling fire!

  • Jack must find a young aquarium dolphin that he accidentally released into the ocean before the gentle mammal gets into trouble.

  • A secret plan to help Mom make a prize-winning Jelly sculpture results in a miniature Rocket getting 'set' inside the jelly. But Jack's rescue attempts are thwarted by the near-constant presence of a very-distressed Mom.

  • After Rocket gets a static electricity shock, the little alien dog suddenly becomes 'electrified'. Soon he is glowing like a light bulb, which threatens to expose the aliens to Mom, Dad and Mrs. Weebler!

  • Jack's well-intentioned attempt to create an Aurora Borealis for the kids causes Chip to spin out of control and begins to freak out everyone in the neighborhood!

  • While studying cockroaches in hopes of making an indestructible vehicle, Jack accidentally infests Nico's house and must then embark on a dangerous mission to get rid of them.

  • Jack's attempt to slow a dangerous river with beaver dams causes a major flood that threatens Nico and Sam's house.

  • Thinking it is made of cheese, Rocket runs away on the moon where he gets lost. Jack has to find him before the little dog's oxygen supply runs out.

  • When Sam accidentally attracts a flea from Rocket, Jack must shrink down and find it somewhere on her head before squeamish Sam loses her mind.

  • When a magpie steals a piece of alien technology, Jack has to learn how to fly like a bird in order to get it back.

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