Just Jordan

It all begins with a kid who is nothing out of the ordinary. His name is Jordan. Soon, he attempts to reach being a star with the help of his teacher who is now his manager. Jordan is from Arkansas, but he soon moves to California where there are actors and musicians everywhere.

At the same time, he is trying to manage spending time with his family and getting school work completed. He also wants to spend time with his grandfather. Jordan is like any other teenager, hanging out with his friends and trying to stay out of trouble as well as work in his grandfather's diner. Soon, he enters the world of being in commercials, and this is when he realizes that he wants to be a star.

Nickelodeon TurboNick
2 Seasons, 28 Episodes
January 7, 2007
Children, Comedy
Cast: Kristen Combs, Raven Goodwin, Shania Accius, Little JJ
Just Jordan

Just Jordan Full Episode Guide

  • It's Jordan and Autumn's three month anniversary, and he needs to rush out and find her a gift to celebrate.

  • A commercial that Jordan and Autumn are appearing in has him dressed as a nerd.

  • Jordan gets his drivers license and a new car from Grant for his 16th birthday. Autumn has also invited him for her birthday bash, but her ex-boyfriend has also been invited.

  • Jordan teaches Grant the secrets of having fun, and in return get a skydiving adventure, helping Jordan over his fear of heights.

  • Joaquin believes Jordan is jealous when he informs him that his date for the prom with a popular girl is only a joke. Nevertheless, Jordan remains set in helping his friend.

  • A plan for revenge backfires when Jordan and his friends want to payback a rude customer by baking him a rotten pie. But when the man turns out to be Autumn's father, the boys scurry to stop him from eating the nasty dessert.

  • Monica dumps her annoying friend, Goose, who begins to hang around Jordan. In an attempt to make Monica take her friend back, Jordan and Tony give Goose a "personality makeover" to make him more appealing.

  • Jordan is challenged to a real-life guitar contest by his online video-game rival, who seems to be a pro both on stage and on the computer. Meanwhile, Monica's sewing classes result in some really bad creations that Pam and Grant are stuck wearing.

  • Jordon feels guilty when Tony misses his chance to make the basketball team after being injured slipping on a wet floor he had just mopped. Meanwhile, Tangie and Autumn start their own book club.

  • Jordan goes to a convention with Joaquin and Tony where he wins a Segway, but decides to sell it for the money. Also, Tangie goes overboard trying to get Momo invited to a party.

  • Jordan wants to sell a picture to the tabloids of C.C., a hot new star, but reconsiders when he gets to know her better. In the meantime, Tangie sells the photo leaving C.C. to teach them a lesson on personal privacy/

  • Jordan takes Joaquin's place in the race for class president against Tangie, and it isn't long before he learns there is more to politics than just being popular.

  • Jordan desperately tries to continue his relationship with Tamika after she moves away, but it soon comes to an end. Luckily, the arrival of a new girl in town inspires him to move on.

  • Season 2 opens with Jordan and his friends pledging a high-school fraternity by showing off their dancing skills. Jordan takes a stand against the group when he learns it has a shady reputation, but then finds out he was in the wrong and must make amends.

  • Jordan's friend from Arkansas, Critter, comes to visit and quickly becomes a wedge between Jordan and Tony.

  • Jordan claims his parents are getting back together in order to keep his mom from dating his martial-arts coach. Meanwhile, Monica doesn't like the idea of Grandpa dating her friend's grandmother.

  • Jordan is determine to earn a paycheck, even if it means going to work for someone else.

  • Reverend Smith assigns Jordan with the tasks of preaching to the church. He wants Jordan to learn the true meaning of attending church. Monica decides that she wants be treated as an adult after an encounter with one of her friends.

  • Jordan decides to protest the new dress code at school and ends up fighting with his mother over the issue.

  • Jordan is left in charge of the diner and encounters problems when the dishwasher overflows and a bus full of football players shows up and orders 50 triple burgers.

  • Jordan uses his paycheck to buy bling-bling for his teeth, which doesn't go over well with Pam; Grant spoils Monica with a shopping spree at her favorite doll store.

  • Pam thinks 14 is too young for Jordan to start dating, but that doesn't stop Jordan, Tony and Joaquin from acting like thugs to impress Tamika and her friends.

  • Jordan attempts to make the school basketball team. He doesn't make the team and discovers the star player is working with him at his Uncle's restaurant.

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