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  • 2003
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.3  (18)

Kylie Kwong is a television show that premiered in 2003 on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) network. The show was hosted by Kylie Kwong, a renowned Australian chef, restaurateur, and author. The program was aimed at showcasing Kylie's culinary expertise and exploring traditional Chinese cooking methods and recipes.

Kylie Kwong was a unique show that provided insights into Chinese cooking techniques that were not commonly known in the western world. Kylie's passion for her craft was evident throughout the show, and her enthusiasm helped to make the program engaging and educational for viewers. One of the show's key features was Kylie's use of organic and locally grown ingredients, which was an extension of her commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.

Each episode of Kylie Kwong was structured around a particular theme, such as family meals, Chinese street food, or Chinese barbecues. The show's content was a mix of cooking demonstrations, interviews, and cultural explorations. Kylie showcased her knowledge of Chinese culture by weaving in anecdotes and stories about the historical significance of certain ingredients, recipes or techniques.

One of the highlights of Kylie Kwong was the opportunity for viewers to see Kylie in action in her busy Sydney restaurant, Billy Kwong. The show gave audiences an insight into the workings of a successful restaurant and showed Kylie as a hardworking but compassionate leader who was passionate about creating an enjoyable dining experience for her customers.

Throughout the series, Kylie highlighted her commitment to sustainable practices in the kitchen by demonstrating her use of renewable energy for cooking and her sourcing of organic produce. This commitment to sustainability extended beyond the kitchen as she explored the broader environmental concerns of the world throughout the show.

One of the unique aspects of the show was how it highlighted the cultural diversity of Australia by exploring traditional Chinese methods and ingredients, while also incorporating local Australian ingredients and produce. This combination of cultural influences gave Kylie a unique perspective on cooking and made the show interesting to a broad audience.

Kylie Kwong was well-received by critics and audiences alike for its educational value and entertaining approach to Chinese cuisine. The show was praised for its emphasis on sustainability and for showcasing Kylie's approachable personality, which made the content accessible to viewers of all culinary skill levels.

In conclusion, Kylie Kwong was a unique show that explored traditional Chinese cooking methods while also highlighting the cultural diversity of Australia. Kylie's passion for cooking, sustainability, and cultural exploration was evident throughout the show, making it an educational and entertaining program. Despite its end in 2010, it remains a timeless classic that continues to inspire viewers with its unique approach to culinary exploration.

Kylie Kwong is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on October 8, 2003.

Kylie Kwong
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Mothers and Daughters: A Chinese Family
8. Mothers and Daughters: A Chinese Family
February 18, 2006
Kylie says a prayer at the Taoist temple in the Shanghai Old Town. She crosses the zig zag bridge to visit the mid lake tea pavilion where Bill Clinton and others have taken tea.
Wok School: Hong Kong's Chef Academy
7. Wok School: Hong Kong's Chef Academy
February 11, 2006
Kylie joins early morning grooming inspection at the Chinese Cuisine Cooking Institute in Hong Kong. All trainee chefs must maintain the highest standards of hygiene and dress.
Hong Kong Island Hideaway
6. Hong Kong Island Hideaway
February 4, 2006
Kylie escapes Hong Kong's densely populated downtown. She travels by sampan to Po Toi O - a fishing village surrounded by beautiful outlying islands. Local resident Corinne Varty shows Kylie round.
Shanghai: Europe in the Far East
5. Shanghai: Europe in the Far East
January 28, 2006
Kylie sips a cocktail at the gorgeous Rouge Bar, one of the trendy new night-spots that have opened along Shanghai's 'Bund'.
Hong Kong Food Craze
4. Hong Kong Food Craze
January 21, 2006
Kylie helicopters into Hong Kong, a city renowned for its restaurants and fine dining. But first she goes to the Wanchai street markets where every kind of fresh ingredient is available.
New Shanghai
3. New Shanghai
January 14, 2006
Kylie rides into Shanghai on the world's fastest train, the Maglev. Shanghai local Mency Zhang guides her through the town where she finds different kinds of street food, including 'stinky tofu'.
Hong Kong High Life
2. Hong Kong High Life
January 7, 2006
Kylie takes a traditional English afternoon tea at the luxurious Peninsular Hotel in Hong Kong before showing us how to make her a glamorous tea time snack, king prawn toasts.
Shanghai Heart
1. Shanghai Heart
December 31, 2005
It's just after dawn in Shanghai's Fuxing Park and Kylie watches people do their early morning exercise - Tai Chi, fan dancing, even ballroom dancing. Kylie has a kerbside health check from a Chinese doctor.
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Kylie Kwong is available for streaming on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kylie Kwong on demand at Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    October 8, 2003
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (18)