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  • 1986
  • 8 Seasons
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L.A. Law follows the lives and work of a group of Los Angeles attorneys working at the prestigious law firm McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak. The show often deals with current social issues including those involving race, gender, sexuality, domestic violence and more. It debuted on NBC on September 15, 1986 and ran for a total of eight seasons, coming to a close in 1994.

Much of the show takes place inside the law offices and courtrooms as the lawyers work on their various cases. Viewers are privy to the group's struggles to balance their demanding careers with their messy personal lives. Several romantic relationships develop among the coworkers over the years. The attorneys build a reputation as an unbeatable team that takes on the toughest, most controversial cases that other firms turn down. Their brash confidence and willingness to bend legal and ethical rules bother some, while helping them prevail in high stakes trials.

Heading up L.A. Law is senior partner Leland McKenzie, a pragmatic attorney not afraid to use underhanded tactics at times. He does his best to reign in his employees' excesses while encouraging excellence. Arnie Becker, McKenzie's longtime friend and divorce lawyer extraordinaire, struggles with infidelity issues. Public defender turned prosecutor Grace Van Owen challenges gender stereotypes in the workplace. Michael Kuzak's intensity as a trial lawyer lands him big cases, but costs him in romance. Ann Kelsey joins the firm as an idealistic tax lawyer but gradually becomes more competitive under the mentoring of fellow attorney Stuart Markowitz, with whom she has an on-and-off relationship. Goofy divorce lawyer Douglas Brackman provides comic relief with his ineptitude in the courtroom and other gaffes.

The show opens each episode with an exterior shot of the imposing skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles before transitioning inside to showcase the firm's sleek, modern offices. Viewers experience the fast-paced environment as phones ring constantly and assistants run back and forth delivering paperwork. The attorneys debate trial strategy and research precedents while trying to impress clients and senior partners, some scenes showing the hard work behind legal victories. Other moments capture the glitz of exclusive restaurants, black tie galas, and high rise penthouses that provide glimpses into the perks of life as a successful L.A. attorney.

Critically acclaimed, L.A. Law received 15 Emmy awards over its run including four for Outstanding Drama Series. Its popularity sparked an increase in law school applications and enrollment in the late 1980s as the attractive cast of characters made practicing law look exciting and prestigious on primetime television. Though several decades old now, many legal dramas airing today owe a debt to L.A. Law for inspiration on how to inject drama into the day-to-day legal process. Its impact on pop culture remains clear.

L.A. Law is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (171 episodes). The series first aired on September 15, 1986.

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Finish Line
22. Finish Line
May 19, 1994
It's case closed for the Emmy-winning series with a retirement announcement from McKenzie, news that couldn't come at a worse time for Becker.
Whistle Stop
21. Whistle Stop
May 12, 1994
Becker blames Belinda's personal malice for his becoming a murder suspect; Mullaney anticipates trouble with a judge who used to date Carolyn; and McKenzie gets troubling news.
How Am I Driving?
20. How Am I Driving?
May 5, 1994
Becker tries to hush up his client's connection to a well-placed madam ; an incorrigible teen sues to be released from rehab; Eli goes through a broker to buy a car.
Tunnel of Love
19. Tunnel of Love
April 28, 1994
Patrick pulls another fast one; a rumor about Belinda troubles Becker; the owner of a show dog with a litter of mongrels sues her mutt of a neighbor.
Dead Issue
18. Dead Issue
April 21, 1994
A libel suit involves a journalist who accused a nuclear physicist of conducting radiation experiments on unwitting subjects; and a woman sues her Deadhead husband for divorce.
Silence Is Golden
17. Silence Is Golden
April 14, 1994
Patrick throws his weight around and crosses Becker while assisting on a civil case; and Rollins' case involves him with a model and her overprotective father.
Whose San Andreas Fault Is It, Anyway?
16. Whose San Andreas Fault Is It, Anyway?
March 24, 1994
An ad exec is sued for sexual harassment by a copywriter with whom she had an affair; a client suing her contractor for earthquake damage finds answers in the Bible.
Three on a Patch
15. Three on a Patch
March 17, 1994
Rambunctious senior citizens test a testosterone patch and disrupt life at their retirement home; an inmate wants his maximum-security facility closed down; partners choose a new associate.
God Is My Co-Counsel
14. God Is My Co-Counsel
March 10, 1994
Rosalie reveals that she said "I do" before; Jane's father meddles in her case involving a biology teacher fired for teaching creationism.
Age of Insolence
13. Age of Insolence
February 24, 1994
A biological father of a 2-year-old sues for custody of his daughter; a prudish librarian claims that a caddish co-worker taunted her with vulgarities; and Rollins gives the firm an ultimatum.
Cold Cuts
12. Cold Cuts
February 17, 1994
Two mountaineers face charges after resorting to cannibalism; a mathematician adds up the consequences of divorce; and Denise lands in the middle of a father-son feud.
McKenzie, Brackman, Barnum & Bailey
11. McKenzie, Brackman, Barnum & Bailey
February 10, 1994
A ballerina sues a dance company for breach of contract; an aging juggler accuses his prot?g? of stealing his act; and Benny dances around a commitment to Rosalie.
He Ain't Guilty, He's My Brother
10. He Ain't Guilty, He's My Brother
February 3, 1994
Mullaney's involvement with Judge Walker raises misconduct charges; Morales tries to get a reduced sentence for a confessed criminal; and a woman charges her boyfriend with sexual fraud.
Rhyme and Punishment
9. Rhyme and Punishment
December 16, 1993
Mamie Van Doren is a guest at the firm's Christmas party; the son of an aging comic believes his father is being exploited by a mistress; Roxanne asks Mullaney to surrender parental rights.
Eli's Gumming
8. Eli's Gumming
December 9, 1993
A prostitute brings rape charges against a record executive who claims to have exotic sexual needs; an insecure student sues his voice therapist for fraud; while studying for the bar exam, Eli contends with the passions of two women.
Pacific Rimshot
7. Pacific Rimshot
November 18, 1993
Rollins and Markowitz try to turn the jury against the Government in the Ellison trial; Becker has a highway mishap; Eli fears he'll never adapt to L.A.'s fast lane.
Safe Sex
6. Safe Sex
November 11, 1993
Politics complicate Rollins and Markowitz's defense of Barry and get in the way of Kelsey and Jane's defense of a right-winger charged with spying on an employee; and Becker calls in a security consultant.
The Green, Green Grass of Home
5. The Green, Green Grass of Home
November 4, 1993
Markowitz tries to arrange a surrender for a '60s radical who aided a Black Panther prison escape; pot-smoking parents sue after their daughter informs on them.
Foreign Co-Respondent
4. Foreign Co-Respondent
October 28, 1993
McKenzie urges Eli to join the firm and his restricted men's club; a couple move to sue their travel agent for a nightmare trip; a Chinese financier faces murder charges for the death of an illegal immigrant.
How Much Is That Bentley in the Window?
3. How Much Is That Bentley in the Window?
October 21, 1993
Eli puts Jonah on the stand; Becker longs for a Bentley; and Morales's artistic eye puts him in charge of office renovation.
Leap of Faith
2. Leap of Faith
October 14, 1993
A vet charges a doctor with negligence in treating his illness; a man holds a TV shopping network responsible for enticing his shopaholic wife to spend.
Book of Renovation, Chapter 1
1. Book of Renovation, Chapter 1
October 7, 1993
Candidates for new associates are interviewed; and on the docket is a lawyer's sex-discrimination suit and a murder case.
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    September 15, 1986
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