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Two British widows who met at a wedding trade letters in which they attempt to one-up each other with stories and events from their lives. Based on the iconic BBC radio show, this 10-part series stars Maureen Lipman (The Pianist) and Anne Reid (Last Tango In Halifax).Ladies of Letters is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on .

Ladies of Letters is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ladies of Letters on demand atApple TV+, Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel online.

Acorn TV
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
Cast: Anne Reid, Maureen Lipman, Morag Siller, Daniel Crowder
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Ladies of Letters Full Episode Guide

  • Harsh words are exchanged by letter after Irene accuses Vera of being controlling and the upcoming wedding causes even more tension between the ladies of letters.

  • Vera is enjoying life in her flat, taking dance lessons from her African neighbor, Sara. Irene is less happy with her situation in Australia, and is in agreement with Vera that she should return to England.

  • Vera and Sabrina sell the trailer and move into a flat. Irene minds the baby as Lesley and Karen go clubbing together, and Vera learns about the baby€™s real father.

  • Irene confesses to Vera the truth about how she ended up in the mental ward, and Karen gives birth to a little boy, two months earlier than expected.

  • Vera does her best to get her trailer full of the necessary number of fire extinguishers to ensure she gets custody of Sabrina. Irene, unable to recognize Lesley, writes to Vera for help to spring her from the mental hospital.

  • After a relaxing stay at a health farm, Vera is back taking care of Sabrina for the ever-absent Karen, and gets a visit from Social Services. Lonely Irene starts to write poetry.

  • In Australia, Irene faces a daily battle with possums as she strives to keep the house clean. Vera looks after grand-daughter whilst Karen goes off for a weekend.

  • It's Vera's birthday, which she celebrates with her son and his partner and assorted colourful inhabitants from the trailer park. Irene sends her a letter, and is being romanced by Kevin, who takes her to dinner for her own birthday.

  • Vera moves into a caravan on a resort, but Irene sends her a harsh letter, causing Vera to inflict damage on the caravan site. Irene decides to go and stay with her daughter in Australia.

  • Five years after their European holiday ended in a bust-up, Irene invites Vera to the funeral of mutual ex- Bill Snapes, where they strive to outdo each other in glamorous outfits. When Vera injures herself dancing at the wake, Irene becomes her reluctant carer.

  • Vera€™s house is on the verge of demolition to make way for a new bypass. Opening Vera€™s correspondence, Irene learns that Vera€™s house is now worth very little, so that once her mortgage is paid off she will be left with hardly anything.

  • Vera is out of prison! High on drugs given by her psychiatrist - she caused a sensation on HMS Pride of Cleveland with a combination of nudity, soprano decibels and an unprintable offer to the ship€™s boson.

  • At Sheepdippers Irene is being driven to distraction by Howard€™s childishness and Karen€™s irresponsible behaviors, including neglecting her newborn baby and going out clubbing every night.

  • Vera and Irene are making a big impact on board Her Majesty€™s prison ship Pride Of Cleveland, bringing their wealth of experience to subverting the system. Irene deals with the painful news that her daughter in Australia has told little Cheryl Marie that her granny is dead, while Vera struggles to come to terms with her son Howard€™s admission that he€™s gay (a surprise only to her).

  • Irene is in prison for demonstrating to her friends how she head-butted a bulldozer at the protest against the nuclear dumping site. Her swearing affliction only made matters worse.

  • Irene wears a dayglo lurex tankini at the demonstration against the nuclear fuel dump, and Vera is deeply shocked to hear that Irene was both injured and arrested, and is now in the hospital. The diagnosis? Amnesia, loss of sex drive, and a compulsion to use bad language.

  • Vera discovers her unmarried daughter Karen is pregnant. Years of frustration lead to an embarrassing outburst by Karen€™s hospital bed. Irene pays Vera a visit and finds that she gets on very well with Karen, who decides to spend a few days with her mum€™s pen pal.

  • Irene invites Vera to stay for a few days, but she€™ll have to come by train since her daughter Karen has written the car off. Vera is furious-she felt more affection for that little Fiesta than she ever felt for Karen.

  • While Vera battles with builders, Irene is being romanced. Bill has been paying her attention, and she€™s enjoying every minute. Feeling neglected and a tad jealous, Vera nonetheless agrees to invite the two of them to lunch, and Irene prepares to show off her dapper new lothario.