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Land Girls is a British Television series that focuses on the hardships of life and the importance of military battles, war, family, and history and was created to show respect for World War II. This television show is BBC Daytime's first shot of a period drama and was filmed in and around the city of Birmingham. The show is about recruiting women to work on farms. The four different girls, Nancy, Joyce, Bea, and Annie in the show take place at the Pasture Farm. This location is important so that it provides what the girls need in the Women's Land Army during the Second World War. Throughout the show, these girls adapt to numerous things they aren't used to and their lives change drastically.

These girls were all different because they came from different families and had distinct personalities, whether it was rich or poor, coming from a mix of working and middle classes. These girls and other women were found across the British countryside to fill in for the previous workers who had gone to the front to fight. Although the girls all volunteered for different reasons, (one girl was forced into the war when female conscription began, one wants to be with her husband, to help and follow him to not be alone since her parents were killed in an air raid and she had no one else to turn to, and two sisters join to escape the wrath of their abusive father) their purpose was to serve their country and to help win the war. The owners of the farm's son, gets involved with all the land girls.

Since the women were not used to this type of work, the days were long and hard, but the girl's strive to succeed helped them as a group and as individuals, however, the television series isn't just about war; there is also love, passion, and desires of everyone. Also, there is interaction with the other less-known aspects of the home front, the separation of black and white American troops, the hunt for sympathizers of the Nazis, and the use of prisoners of war as laborers.

The character's were named after Roland Moore's (the man who created this television show) grandmother and his great aunts, which made the names perfect to fit the scenes coherently.

Land Girls is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on September 7, 2009.

Where do I stream Land Girls online? Land Girls is available for streaming on BBC One, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Land Girls on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon online.

Weekdays 2:15 PM et/pt on BBC One
3 Seasons, 15 Episodes
September 7, 2009
Kids & Family History Military & War
Cast: Seline Hizli
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Land Girls Full Episode Guide

  • John's memories return, but Joyce struggles to forgive his infidelity. A face from Danny and Connie's past comes to the village.

  • Danny threatens to harm Henry if Connie refuses to help him. Esther tells Vernon she had an abortion, while John tells Joyce about his infidelity.

  • Frank asks Vernon's son to end the feud between them, and romance blossoms between Lady Hoxley and Dr. Channing.

  • The land girls take on Vernon Storey and his boys during a ploughing competition, and Connie is rattled by a face from her past.

  • When Hoxley Manor becomes a makeshift hospital, Lady Ellen is shocked to see Dr. Richard Channing. Connie and Henry celebrate their engagement.

  • Joyce plans to leave the Land Army, and she forces Tucker into making a confession. Finch learns how Esther got the money for Martin's operation.

  • With Joyce still in shock, Connie helps a young evacuee reunite with his sister and mother. Esther asks Vernon for the money for Martin's operation.

  • Joyce follows Martin and finds the German airman he's been hiding. Finch organizes a boxing match to raise money for Martin's operation.

  • Following his fall, Martin is found to have detached retinas -- but he's also hiding an injured man. Diana tries to help Jack find his grandson.

  • A new girl arrives at the farm and sets her sights on Billy. Meanwhile, the manor house has been commandeered by the Americans.