Lockdown: Kids

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  • 2019

Lockdown: Kids is a unique television program from the National Geographic channel that focuses on the impact of incarceration on children. In the United States, over 2.7 million children have a parent in prison, and the show gives viewers an inside look at the challenging circumstances these kids face in their daily lives.

The show is different from other prison documentaries because it does not focus on the inmates or the crimes they committed, but rather on the effects of their incarceration on their children. Through interviews with psychologists, social workers, and family members, viewers gain insight into the unique struggles that these children face, including depression, anxiety, and behavioral issues.

The show is divided into six episodes, each of which explores a different aspect of incarceration and its impact on children. The first episode, titled "The Waiting Game," focuses on the anxiety and uncertainty that children experience while waiting for their parent to come home. Many children are unsure when, or if, they will see their parent again, and this can have a profound impact on their well-being.

The second episode, "Adolescent Angst," looks at the struggles that teenagers face while their parent is incarcerated. Teenagers are often under a great deal of stress and pressure, and the added burden of having an incarcerated parent can push them to the breaking point. The show features interviews with several teenagers who are struggling to cope with their parent's absence.

The third episode, "Growing Up Too Fast," explores how children who have a parent in prison often take on adult responsibilities at a young age. They may have to take care of younger siblings or manage the household finances, and this can have a significant impact on their emotional and physical health.

The fourth episode, "Parental Predicaments," looks at the challenges that incarcerated parents face when trying to maintain a relationship with their children. Incarcerated parents may not be able to attend school events or be present for important milestones, and this can strain their relationship with their children.

The fifth episode, "Breaking the Cycle," focuses on programs that aim to break the cycle of incarceration in families. These programs work to provide support and resources for children with incarcerated parents and help them build a brighter future.

The final episode, "A Sense of Closure," looks at how families cope with the end of incarceration. While the release of a parent from prison is often cause for celebration, it can also be a challenging time for families as they adjust to a new dynamic.

Overall, Lockdown: Kids is an insightful and powerful show that sheds light on a little-discussed issue. Through intimate interviews and heart-wrenching footage, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that children with incarcerated parents face. The show is a must-watch for anyone who wants to learn more about the impact of incarceration on families and communities.