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Loonatics Unleashed is an animated television series. Set in the far future, Earth has been hit by a meteor. The fallout from this meteor hit transforms the Looney Tunes characters and changes their descendants into super heroes. These super heroes have all the same looney characteristics of their parents in this animated series. The super hero powers they have gotten from the meteor add to these characters' lives and the way they can make the world around them better.

The focus of this show is making the world a better place. Set in the future the characters are the children of the original Looney Tunes characters.

Saturday 11:30 AM et/pt on The CW
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
September 17, 2005
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Charlie Schlatter, Jason Marsden, Jessica DiCicco, Rob Paulsen
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Loonatics Unleashed Full Episode Guide

  • The Loonatics find themselves overwhelmed when Deuce shows up with the greatest ROBOT ARMY of all time and beats them to the Royal Scepter. It looks like Optimatus has won. Then everything changes when Deuce flips on him and uses his army to seize control. It becomes a race to defend Wormhole Central from Deuce before he can take over the universe -- and the Loonatics find some interesting and strange allies to aid them in the fight.Part two of a two-part episode that begins with "The Fall of Blanc".

  • Duck receives a distress call from TWEETUMS that Planet Blanc is under attack. By the time the Loonatics arrive, Tweetums' Court has been destroyed, and Tweetums is missing. The Loonatics discover that it's the result of Optimatus, Deuce and the Keyboard Player working together, each with his own separate agenda. Planet Blanc is the center of the Universe, the hub of wormhole travel. Whoever controls Planet Blanc controls the Universe. But to control the wormholes, one must also possess the Royal Scepter that is with Tweetums at all times. The only question is, where is Tweetums? Part one of a two-part episode that concludes with "In Search of Tweetums".

  • The soft-spoken, somewhat nerdy KEYBOARD MAN has used his genius to find a way to control inanimate objects with his music. He's created a band of musical villains, all mannequins brought to life by his tunes, each representing a different facet of his dark, repressed personality. The most wild and outspoken of the mannequins is BOOTES BELINDA. Keyboard Man uses his musical talents as a weapon. He plans to enslave Zadavia, so he can channel her powers to defeat the Loonatics and then move on to greater things yet to be revealed.

  • The Loonatics vacation on a tropical island, only to discover that it's been colonized by a race of beautiful women called the APOCAZONS. QUEEN ATHENA leads these women and invites Lexi to visit their "women-only" temple. Lexi is intrigued by their way of life, but when she discovers that the Apocazons have some devious plans for the planet (and it's men) -- she must find a way to warn the rest of the Loonatics before it's too late!

  • When Rev hacks into Tech's computer, he and Lexi play what they believe is a simulated video war game. Instead, it turns out to be Tech's new defense system. Without realizing, Lexi has launched an attack against an unknown target that turns out to be MELVIN THE MARTIAN, who offers a deal with the Loonatics: He'll give them his word that he won't destroy Acmetropolis, and they will give him Lexi!

  • Ace feels like he's being watched, but what he doesn't realize is that he's being hunted! ELECTRO J. FUDD is an intergalactic space hunter who has been hired by OTTO THE ODD to capture the world's greatest action hero. But when Ace seems to be too quick to catch, Fudd decides to take his game elsewhere, and Danger Duck soon learns that Duck season has begun!

  • When Duck takes all the credit for catching the Shropshire Slasher, Tech gets annoyed. But when Duck starts to suspect that the Slasher is out for revenge, he's more than willing to let Tech take the glory. Meanwhile, the other Loonatics are dealing with the return of Dr. Dare, as his petrified statue has reanimated and he's busy terrorizing the town with his Rockbot army.

  • Rev gets a visit from his family (mother, father and brother Rip), and when his latest invention impresses his father, it just enfuriates his jealous younger brother, Rip, even more. When Rip gets taken over by an alien bio-parasite, it's up to Rev to stop his brother's rampage while keeping him in one piece.

  • The Loonatics are given the mission to deliver Prince Tweetums to his planet, Blanc, where he is heir to the throne. It's vital that he reaches the planet to prevent a 1500-year war. But Sylth Vester has other ideas and tries virtually everything to prevent the small bird from reaching his destination. Meanwhile, Duck is assigned the miserable duty of baby-sitting Tweetums as they venture across the galaxy.

  • Sweet-talking Pierre Le Pew lures Slam into an illegal wrestling ring (with Duck as his manager) where he has to fight the energy-eating Gorlap from Gossamer. Unfortunately, what Slam and Duck don't know is that this is a fight to the finish! Luckily, the other Loonatics arrive just in time to join their pal in the ring and help save the day.

  • A group of crazed, mutant dolphins led by the deranged Adolpho are using mind-control to sink all of Acmetropolis. It's up to Duck and his newfound "Aqua Dense" power to stop them.

  • One of their own has been captured by the team of villains, and the Loonatics have just gotten a fighter on their side... and you'll never guess who it is.

  • The villains team up for a fight against the Loonatics.

  • The Loonatics take on one of Tech E. Coyote's enemies...

  • A new villan called Time Skip plans on using his time traveling abilities to get revenge on the military for stealing his invention, the Trolbot 9000

  • Sypher comes to town in an evil plot to steal the powers of the individual Loonatics and use them for his own selfish ways.

  • Massive is a guy who has learned how to defy the laws of gravity and it's up to the Loonatics to stop this madman.

  • When a weird looking creature leads them to a circus, the Loonatics end up switching powers and becoming weird creatures, and it gets worse when they find out that humans are also being turned into creatures.

  • The Loonatics go into outter space to stop a larger comet from destroying Acmetropolis.

  • To stop Proffessor Dare from causing chaos for the surface, The Loonatics go underground to stop him.

  • In a freak accident, an overly jealous girl who wanted to be a weather personality, becomes Weathervane, a being with the power to control weather which causes chaos for Acne Tropilis.

  • Black Velvet is the new bad girl, and The Loontatics are sent on a mission to stop her, but she says that when the meteor hit the earth. It blinded her to the light. Then she brainwashes Tech into an evil plot to cover the world in perpetual darkness.

  • When a giant spider attacks a family, the Loonatics get on the case, and when they discover the truth about the spiders, the Loonatics must go after the scientist who created them..

  • A giant iceberg appears out of nowhere and threatens to plunge Acmetropolis into a new ice age. Will the loonatics be able to stop it before the whole city freezes over? Who could possibly be behind this extremely cold case, and why?

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