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  • 2023
  • 1 Season
  • 7.7  (283)

Inspired by real events, Los Billis narrates the coming of age of a group of friends in the 80's in Bogot

Los Billis is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on November 3, 2023.

Los Billis
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The one and only
8. The one and only
November 3, 2023
El Indio goes to a VIP party. He is impressed with the guests' profiles: they are all millionaires. He knows he could belong if only he had money, which is why he meets again with el Ruso, the man who previously offered him an alliance in the cocaine business. They seal a deal and decide to meet in a couple days. While he waits for the day to come, el Indio is having the time of his life in a hotel room with the girl he is dating. On the other hand, David feels terrible for betraying Mariana and seeks her forgiveness without much success. She doesn't want to see him again. To his surprise, Andrea decides to visit him to talk about what happened. They both recognize they love each other, but things between them don't have a future under these circumstances. The media report that a guerrilla group has taken over the Supreme Court of Colombia. The city turns into chaos and the police and the army start carrying out raids. Los Billis find out el Indio disappeared on his way to meeting el R
Shot to hell
7. Shot to hell
November 3, 2023
Los Billis plan to attend the intercollegiate band contest where Andrea will perform with her new wave band. El Indio believes that the event will be a good opportunity to increase marijuana sales, so he prepares as much merchandise as possible to take with him. El Indio plans to talk to the leader of the gang from Villa del Prado, the neighboring neighborhood, to propose to become allies and expand their territory. Meanwhile, David is forced to visit his dad's new apartment downtown, where he will live from now on after the divorce. The idea of not being able to be close to his friends and Andrea has him down in the dumps. The day of the event arrives and Los Billis get together and start selling joints. Andrea waits behind the scenes for their turn and sees that Juan is working as part of the contest staff. His presence ignites something in her. When going on stage, in a moment of inspiration and revenge, she humiliates Juan in front of the entire audience. Her performance gets a sta
A new family
6. A new family
November 3, 2023
After the fight at the bar, Los Billis decide to continue partying at Yor
Are you up for this?
5. Are you up for this?
November 3, 2023
David feels humiliated and ashamed for getting his hopes up about Andrea and thinking that there could be something between them. She is happy living her love affair with Juan, while pretending that the night she spent with David was just a one-night stand. David
Dream, Dream, Dream
4. Dream, Dream, Dream
November 3, 2023
David is grounded because his father knows he has been lying and now he is not allowed to go to Mariana
A double life
3. A double life
November 3, 2023
Los Billis are held in a police station after the fight at the party. Leo's father manages to have them released by bribing the cops. El Indio has a breakthrough: money can get you anything. El Indio is grateful to David for having hidden the marijuana, so he decides to put him to the test. Working with el Indio is the perfect gateway to becoming one of Los Billis, but for David it is a tragedy. If they catch him selling drugs at school, they would expel him immediately. During recess, Leo gets some students to buy marijuana. Later, at his house, Leo convinces David to try a joint for the first time. Meanwhile, Andrea runs away from school to secretly meet Juan. Juan expects to continue what was interrupted the last time they were together, but Andrea doesn
Preppy or Billi
2. Preppy or Billi
November 3, 2023
Leo suddenly falls sick and is about to faint in class. David leaves the classroom to take him to the restroom and help him out. To thank him, Leo invites David to the party Los Billis are throwing at his house. David tries to convince Juan Carlos to cancel the game night they had planned for the weekend to go to Los Billis' party instead. It's the perfect opportunity to meet cute girls and join the popular kids. David tells his parents he is spending the night at Juan Carlos', but he goes to Leo
November 3, 2023
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  • Premiere Date
    November 3, 2023
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (283)