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In this drama, a young woman discovers that her fiance has been unfaithful to her. Her plan for revenge, however, endangers her relationship with her father and introduces unexpected turmoil into her life. The series first aired on Turkish TV in 2010.

1 Season, 43 Episodes
December 26, 2010
International, Romance
Cast: Murat Yildirim, Nurgül Yesilçay, Tomris Incer, Feride Çetin
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Love and Punishment Full Episode Guide

  • Sava? learns who ordered the shooting of the Baldar family home. As ordered, E?ref gives ?ahnur some dirt on Yasemin. Pala undergoes surgery.

  • Bora chooses between Sevgi and Nazan. Nadya pays Yasemin a visit. The Baldars get worrying news from Pala's doctor.

  • Ahmet orders ?ahnur to fill in for Pala in his operation. Bora begs Nazan to meet him. Mehmet plants doubts in Yasemin's mind about Sava?'s fidelity.

  • After school,

  • A publicity photo for Sava?'s company startles Yasemin. Nazan's son answers a call on her phone. ?ahnur gives E?ref a secret mission.

  • Bora finds a way to keep Sevgi in his life. Mustafa and Haldun play with Pala's gun. Cem makes an accusation against Nadya.

  • The Baldars meet the suitor Fidan has found for Nazan, who is consumed with despair over Bora. Mehmet confronts Yasemin about her secret.

  • Pala confronts Ahmet about the shooting. Fidan overhears Nazan on the phone with Bora, who's later caught in a situation he can't talk his way out of.

  • Yasemin brings her mother to meet Sava?'s family. Mustafa proves to be a bad influence on Pala's son. Bora and Sevgi discuss plans for the future.

  • Yasemin visits

  • Nazan spies Bora treating Sevgi with affection. Sava? brings Yasemin to meet his family. While visiting her parents,

  • Sava? has Bora tracked down and brought to him, and later takes Yasemin out for a special romantic evening. Sevgi realizes Bora has been fooling her.

  • When

  • When Nazan finally gets hold of Bora, he spins a fantastic tale to explain his seclusion. Fidan tells ?ahnur about a potential suitor for Nazan.

  • Sava? learns Pala sabotaged the loan application. Cem gives Nadya a surprise. With the agency facing bankruptcy, Sevgi decides to make a sacrifice.

  • After suffering a huge loss, Bora disappears. Derya tells Sevgi the truth about Azra. Nadya returns from Italy. Mehmet launches a plan against Sava?.

  • Pala is blackmailed, and later receives word of a household crisis in Van. Sava? puts Mustafa to work. Sevgi succumbs to a moment of weakness.

  • Mustafa is found. Nazan is confused by Bora, who seems to run hot and cold toward her. Bora makes a company decision behind his partners' backs.

  • Sava? asks to meet Yasemin's sister. Cem suffers a big disappointment. Mustafa preys upon a member of his aunt's household. Derya follows a hunch.

  • Nazan secretly meets Bora for coffee.

  • When

  • Derya grows wary of Azra. To protect her son's name, ?ahnur starts a rumor. Sava? tells Yasemin about

  • Sava? learns who actually leaked the photos.

  • With her job in jeopardy, Azra drops a bombshell. Sava? shows up at Yasemin's door while her mother and son are visiting.

  • Pala opens Sava?'s eyes to the feelings

  • Disgruntled housekeeper Suna uses ammunition she's gathered against the Baldars, putting

  • Sava? slowly gets Yasemin to warm up to him. When

  • When Sava? grows distant,

  • Determined to extend the family bloodline, ?ahnur orders

  • As Yasemin scours the city in search of her baby, a kind stranger takes pity on her. ?ahnur shows Sava? the photo of

  • The ad agency struggles without Yasemin. ?ahnur has someone spy on

  • Sava? shares his plan to rescue the Van villagers from poverty. Yasemin decides to tell Bora her secret. ?ahnur learns

  • Sava? plots to reconnect with Yasemin. Mustafa finds a shady way to make easy cash at school. Yasemin takes a risky approach to try to win an account.

  • Sevgi warns Yasemin about Bora.

  • A threat leads Sava? to carefully consider his next business move. Bora takes Yasemin to a party, where she becomes the subject of much speculation.

  • Sava? asserts his newfound authority, and later discovers what's really being sold in the family business. Mehmet begs Yasemin to forgive him.

  • Sava? must decide whether to submit to tradition or forge his own path. Yasemin confides in her mother.

  • Sava?'s family suffers a loss that puts pressure on him to choose a different life path. Yasemin discovers a souvenir from the night she met Sava?.

  • In Istanbul, Yasemin gets a shock a week before her wedding to Mehmet. Meanwhile, Sava? attends his brother Kemal's tension-filled nuptials in Van.

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