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  • 2018
  • 1 Season
  • 7.6  (57)

Love at First Flight is a reality TV show, that premiered on Lifetime in 2018. It follows several singles as they embark on a journey to find love while traveling across the world. The contestants come from different backgrounds and are matched based on their personalities and interests, and then paired with their ideal partner.

The show is hosted by Stephanie Ver Eecke, who guides the contestants throughout their travels, giving them advice, and observing their interactions. Michael Naccari serves as a psychologist, providing professional perspectives on the couples' relationships.

The contestants begin their journey in New York City, where they are introduced to their potential partners. They spend time getting to know each other before deciding who their best match is. Once they have made their decision, they must say goodbye to everyone else and continue their journey together.

The couples then travel to different exotic locations, including Panama, Costa Rica, and Switzerland. During their travels, they must face a variety of challenges that test their compatibility and communication skills. They engage in activities such as hiking, swimming, and romantic dinners, all while attempting to deepen their connections.

As the trip comes to an end, the couples must decide if they want to take their relationship to the next level and continue dating. Those who do are given the option to move in together once they return to the United States.

One unique aspect of Love at First Flight is that it focuses on the emotional aspects of the couples' relationships rather than the physical. While there are some moments of physical intimacy, the show emphasizes the importance of developing a strong emotional connection before moving forward.

Overall, Love at First Flight is an entertaining and heartfelt look at the complexities and challenges of modern dating. It is a refreshing departure from other reality dating shows that rely heavily on drama and conflict. Instead, the show emphasizes the importance of communication, compromise, and understanding in creating a successful relationship.

Love at First Flight is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on March 20, 2018.

Love at First Flight
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Final Boarding: I Do ... or Don't
8. Final Boarding: I Do ... or Don't
May 1, 2018
Season 1 finale: The four couples conclude the last leg of their eight-stop, cross-country adventure with the ultimate destination: marriage.
Unexpected Delays: Last Call
7. Unexpected Delays: Last Call
April 24, 2018
Aloha Hawaii! Four couples, paired by an expert matchmaker, visit the ultimate honeymoon destination. The heat (and pressure) are definitely on as the couples use their last dates of the journey to determine whether they've gone from travel partners to life partners in just 30 days.
Backseat Drivers (Not) Welcome: Family
6. Backseat Drivers (Not) Welcome: Family
April 17, 2018
Four couples, paired by an expert matchmaker, find surprise guests in Seattle. No road to marriage is complete without an important (and informative) pit stop to meet the family.
Emergency Landing: Trust & Secrets
5. Emergency Landing: Trust & Secrets
April 17, 2018
Love knows no boundaries... or does it? Four couples, paired by an expert matchmaker, put their trust in one another to the ultimate test in Sin City. Will temptation and danger be welcome additions to the relationship, or shine a bright light on what each couple is lacking?
Mapping the Future: Communication
4. Mapping the Future: Communication
April 10, 2018
Four couples, paired by an expert matchmaker, climb tough hurdles in Denver. But their problems are only as big as their inability to talk about them.
Check Your Baggage: #RelationshipGoals
3. Check Your Baggage: #RelationshipGoals
April 3, 2018
The four couples set off for Sedona and face challenges tailored to their relationship goals.
Next Stop: Rolling with the Punches
2. Next Stop: Rolling with the Punches
March 27, 2018
Our four couples, paired by an expert matchmaker, continue on their journey to the alter. Landing in Nashville, they must prove to one another that they can handle the unexpected and roll with the punches. Will they two-step forward, or stumble backwards?
The Journey Begins: First Impressions
1. The Journey Begins: First Impressions
March 20, 2018
Eight strangers are brought together by an expert matchmaker for a 30-day, cross-country journey. It's a test of endurance, stamina, and compatibility to reach their final destination: the altar.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 20, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (57)