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Sky's parents hire an unconventional nanny

Wednesday 6:00 PM et/pt on Brat
3 Seasons, 30 Episodes
August 30, 2017
Cast: Hayley LeBlanc, Piper Rockelle, Lawrence Wayne Curry, Julian Clark
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Mani Full Episode Guide

  • Mani has to reunite Mr. Mioshi with his long lost son.

  • Sky and Brittany have to save their friends from the Jitterbug factory.

  • Dylan, Goth Girl, Hank and Paige compete to win the Jitterbug empire.

  • Mr. Mioshi gives Mani and the kids a tour of the Jitterbug factory.

  • Mr. Mioshi tells his origin story in an animated episode.

  • Mani assembles the rap crew for a performance at Jitterbug.

  • Mani teaches Hank about bro code, and Paige proves she can rap.

  • Mani introduces "Hank" to the class.

  • Mani and Randi sign the kids up for a Japanese rap competition.

  • Home from the camping trip, Mani and the girls tie up loose ends.

  • Mani and the kids are captured by a band of rebels.

  • When the RV runs out of gas, Mani and the kids get lost in the wilderness.

  • Before they ship off for break, Sky has a bone to pick, and Mani pops a question.

  • Mani gets a trip approved, and Harmony introduces a new friend.

  • Love is in the air--and danger, too--at Sky's Valentine's rager.

  • Tensions between Sky and Harmony boil over onstage as the school play concludes.

  • Curtains up! With drama brewing backstage, the girls take the stage.

  • Mani and Mr. Doogworth audition the class for their upcoming performance.

  • While his cousin Randi subs in at school, Mani chases down a rare collectible.

  • The girls deal with boy drama, while Mani confronts his own theatrics.

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