Midwest Country

Midwest Country is a TV series that shows live country music performances. The series premiered in 2004. The show typically airs during the holiday season of Christmas and New Years. Each episode runs for 60 minutes and features country music artists often performing in the spirit of Christmas and New Years. One of the most famous performers on Midwest Country is David Church, who has made repeated appearances through the years on the TV series with his retro country music.

Saturday 8:30 PM et/pt on RFD-TV
11 Seasons, 41 Episodes
May 15, 2004
Midwest Country

Midwest Country Full Episode Guide

  • Featuring Terry Smith; Kenaston Family; Shar Stephens; Bill Travers; and Laura Moe.

  • Featuring Maria Rose and Danny Elswick; Joe McPherson; John Rex Reeves; Tom Waselchuk; Jami Lampkins.

  • Featuring Branson on the Road; Frank James; Larry Rose; Naomi Bristow; Becky Schlegel.

  • Featuring David Church; Terry Lee Goffee; Angie Senger; Dan Lund; Roger Tibbs.

  • Featuring Jeremiah Sundown; Maggie Mae; Bruce Hoffman; Bobby Vandell.

  • Featuring John Rex Reeves; Frank James; Bobby Flores; Leona and Ron Williams.

  • Featuring Maria Rose and Danny Elswick; Mike Siler; Becky Schlegel; Link Union.

  • Featuring Branson on the Road, David Church, Naomi Bristow and Roger Tibbs.

  • Featuring Maggie Mae, Roger Tibbs and Roy Holdren.