Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures

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The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse centers upon a remake of the classic cartoon from the 60s about an anthropomorphic mouse with superpowers in a more modern context. In contrast with the original Mighty Mouse, the new adventures tend to go on a more deconstructive path in terms of plot without sacrificing its cartoon styled tinge. For example, rather than have the villain simply kidnap the damsel in distress, we are introduced to him in the first episode, going as far as breaking down his insanity until he sees the errors in his ways and almost lets her go.

The show is almost twice as surreal as the original, but its realistic dialogue and unique character development make it stand out enough from the original, let alone the way the stories deviate to a more straightforward approach rather than the typical hero saves the day trope. In another episode, for instance, Mighty Mouse fights off a giant glove villain yet manages to change his ways just by finding his long lost brother by the end.

A noteworthy fact is that Canadian animator John Kricfalusi worked on this show with Ralph Bakshi before going on to create Ren and Stimpy.

2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
September 19, 1987
Cast: Jason Michas, Dana Hill, Maggie Roswell, Charlie Adler, Michael Pataki
Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures

Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures Full Episode Guide

  • Mighty Mouse goes to Hollywood to film his life story. / MightyMouse rounds up all the criminals and forces them to watch his home movies.

  • Petey Pate goes to a marketing research firm to help him build a better Mouse. / Mighty marries Pearl and has a child.

  • Mighty Mouse goes to a T.V. executive with a new concept for a TV show. / A toddler channel surfs and sends Mighty Mouse into each of the cartoon shows.

  • Mighty Mouse helps Bat-bat come to terms with his wisecrack addiction. / Mighty Mouse and Pearl are miniaturized by the Adam smasher.

  • Sourpuss and Gandy Goose get Mighty Mouse and his girlfriend Pearl to the altar. / Mighty Mouse in on trial for the disappearance of Scrappy.

  • Mighty Mouse is forced into retirement by a fascist regime which restores order to Mouseville thereby eliminating the need of a "superhero". / The Cow impersonates a prison psychiatrist and gets Oil Can Harry paroled.

  • Big Murray and Polly Pineblossom steal all the numbers in Mouseville.Mighty Mouse stays up all night working on his W-4 form.

  • A lonely bachelor dresses up rodents in cute outfits and forces them to sing in high squeaky voices.Scrappy gets a ring which unleashes comic book villains.

  • Gandy Goose must face being a has been 1940's cartoon character in the 80's.Mice play at being pirates.

  • Captain A-crab kidnaps Pearl.Old Mighty Mouse Terrytoon clips.

  • The Glove and his henchmen, the Bad Mittens, imprison Pearl, Mike and Scrappy in gloves.Mouseville Cheese-day outshines Scrappy's birthday.

  • Battle of the Super-heroes against the Cow. Scrappy disrupts a theater screening of old Mighty Mouse cartoons with his persistent commentary.

  • Mighty Mouse meets Polly Pineblossom who sells flowers on snowy street corners. Puffy the cat puffs up to the size of a skyscraper and terrorizes Mouseville.

  • The Grand Ruler lands in Mouseville for the purpose of taking over. Outtakes of old TerryToon Mighty Mouse cartoons.

  • Maxi burger turns Scrappy into burgers.The Cow finds that limbergerite zaps Mighty Mouse of his powers.

  • Mighty Mouse must teach a cat to think positively or the world will end.Scrappy misses the school bus for a field trip to the museum.

  • Bat-Bat, and his ward Tick, the Bug Wonder fight crimeMighty Mouse meets Scrappy

  • Mighty Mouse is scandalized by the media for befriending a cat.Scrappy takes a tooth from a witch.

  • Petey Pate kidnaps Pearl Pureheart. An abandoned tenement falls prey to urban renewal.