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  • 2018
  • 6.8  (449)

Morning Show Mysteries is a Hallmark Channel television series that first aired in 2018 and has run for two seasons, with the latest airing in 2019. The series stars Holly Robinson Peete as Billie Blessings, a restaurant owner and former news anchor turned amateur sleuth, who becomes embroiled in various mysteries linked to her former field of work. The series also features Rick Fox as Ian Jackson, Billie's current love interest and a detective with the Seattle Police Department, and David Paetkau as Chef Dennis, Billie's friend, and employee.

The series is based on a set of novels written by Al Roker, and each episode is a standalone story with a self-contained mystery to solve. Billie Blessings is the main character, and each episode revolves around her attempting to solve a mystery. The mysteries themselves are classic whodunits, with various suspects and clues spread throughout the episode. Viewers are encouraged to guess the culprit, and the show follows a particular format such that the viewers are privy to the same information as Billie and her team.

Morning Show Mysteries melds elements of the classic sleuth genre with a more modern approach to storytelling. Each episode focuses on several mysteries unfolding in tandem, with Billie and her team racing against time to solve the crimes before it is too late. The dynamic between the characters is also one of the series' highlights, with the central trio offering a comfortable rapport that keeps the tone light and winsome, even in the face of the darker moments.

While the series does take time to develop its characters and their relationships, the focus is always on the mystery at hand. The plot twists are set up in such a way that the viewer is genuinely surprised when a character is revealed to be the culprit, yet at the same time, everything seems to fit perfectly into place when the mystery is solved. Billie's careful sleuthing and quick thinking are vital to her success, and the series does an excellent job of building her up as an intrepid detective.

The show's pacing is relatively quick, with each episode running for approximately two hours. While it may be tempting to skip ahead to the big reveal, the episodes are all entertaining and engaging from start to finish. The tight pacing is crucial to maintaining the viewer's attention and ensures that the revelations are all the more satisfying.

Perhaps the show's most significant strength is its attention to detail when it comes to the murders themselves. While the violence is not graphic, each death is meticulously planned and executed, with the viewer left wondering who could be capable of such terrible things. The show never shies away from making the killings as gruesome and unsettling as possible, but it never feels gratuitous or overindulgent.

The show's setting also deserves special mention. The various locales where the mysteries take place, such as restaurants, TV stations, and hotels, all feel real and fully realized, which helps to immerse viewers further in the mysteries. The Seattle backdrop also offers a unique aspect to the show, with the Northwestern city providing a setting that is at once familiar and unique.

While the show's format is that of an episodic procedural, the characters are all charming and engaging enough to keep the viewer invested week after week. The Billie Blessings character is a testament to the power of a strong female lead, and Holly Robinson Peete's portrayal is pitch-perfect. The supporting cast, particularly Rick Fox and David Paetkau, also add a great deal of charm to the proceedings, making the show an enjoyable watch from beginning to end.

In conclusion, Morning Show Mysteries is a delightful escape that seamlessly blends elements of character development, mystery, and drama to create an engrossing viewing experience. Whether you're a fan of the genre or merely looking for something to watch when you have a free afternoon, this is a show that is more than worth your time.

Morning Show Mysteries is a series that is currently running and has 2021 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on January 21, 2018.

Morning Show Mysteries
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Morning Show Mysteries is available for streaming on the Hallmark Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Morning Show Mysteries on demand at Peacock Premium.
  • Premiere Date
    January 21, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (449)