My First Time Playing

Popular YouTube creator Smashbits brings you the dramatic retelling of his first ten games playing League of Legends. Spoiler alert: he's hilariously bad.

1 Season, 9 Episodes
May 11, 2014

My First Time Playing Full Episode Guide

  • Team fight time. Yi is worst coach 2014.

  • Someone is going to get reported, surrender and rage quit.

  • This authentically demonstrates how annoying it is when noobs run around the map racing to get the easy kills.

  • This overconfident noob Yi always thinks they are always running away from him. What this blitzcrank freakout when his teammates cuss.

  • This LOL animation accurately portrays the feel of pushing lane. After they push, watch this Yi's reaction to me when I didn't know how to recall.

  • Watch this animation of my team's reaction to Blitzcrank camping store all game and then trying to teach us how to "farm like the pros."

  • This cartoon is so true. This is exactly how they react! Watch their little nooby rant while Blitz get's sent back and forth between lanes over and over.

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