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Next is a television show that first started as an American show, but has extended internationally to France, Canada, Chile, Lithuania, etc. This television show is another way for people to date without all the hassle of going to several different places to meet people throughout the day. Next involves six people, out of these six individuals, they are all single and looking for dates. The main person is called a "Nexter" who has the chance to go on a date with the other five contestants. The other five are either men or women, depending on the Nexter's preference and have to wait in a RV until it is their turn to meet the main person. In each episode, the people are never the same, and after the show they never have to see them again if they are "Nexted".

There are two segments to this television show, the beginning and then the meeting of the daters. The beginning consists of the Nexter, a man or a woman, telling information about themselves such as their dislikes, special interests, etc. This person has the opportunity to "Next" the person they meet whenever he or she may want to because of their looks or personality. The five people in the RV are able to see each other, while the Nexter is unaware of what any of their potential daters look like. In the next segment, whenever the five daters have their turn, information about them pops up on the screen before they meet the Nexter. If the dater isn't instantly nexted, then they have the opportunity to go out to eat with the nexter or to do an activity set up by them.

The twist of this date is that, for each minute that the contestants last on the date, they get that amount of money. For the contestant that lasts the length of the date (however long it takes the nexter to determine that they want a second date), they have the choice of going on a second or taking the money they earned and run. If some of the contestants have not had their turn and the nexter has already picked who they want to have a second date with, they don't even get to have a chance to go on their date.

Next is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (56 episodes). The series first aired on April 4, 2005.

Where do I stream Next online? Next is available for streaming on MTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Next on demand at Paramount+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, The Roku Channel, Viki, Viceland online.

6 Seasons, 56 Episodes
April 4, 2005
Reality, Game Show
Cast: Stefan Brogren, Shane Kippel, Miriam McDonald, Cassie Steele, Sarah Barrable-Tishauer
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  • Sarah is a fighter, ready to submit to love!

  • Jai is sweating for a hot workout partner!

  • Jeff needs a woman to save his heart!

  • Desiree longs for a man with some spice!

  • Jacob is lusting for a lumberjack.

  • Tracy wants to be swept off her feet by Prince Charming.

  • Megan is searching for her renaissance man.

  • Devon is looking for a man to set anchor in his heart.

  • Crystal hopes the fellas are ready for her jelly!

  • Matt hopes ladies are ready for his Argentinian flavor.

  • August is looking for her Halloween hottie.

  • Zeke likes to freak out... "with his Zeke out."

  • Liz seeks a well-balanced man.

  • Tritia is looking for a man to serve her.

  • Stephanie is in search of a man to rock her world!

  • Kate wants a guy who makes every night New Year's Eve!

  • Dustin is looking for a girl "who keeps her junk in the trunk."

  • Aundrus is looking for a "wild woman."

  • Charity is looking for "thug love."

  • Well Tobias was eager to have one more happy ending. After all it was his brothers wedding to Kelly. And Penny was a bridesmaid. Penny does propose to Tobias at the wedding and Tobias realises it was now or never. Will he say yes?

  • Tobias situational dating lands him in some strife again, but Sergeant Goldie is back to save him. Tobias does get it on with his counsellor, after all he was situational dating. A serial dog thief is to blame for the mysterious disappearance of Tobias dog. Tobias does confront his brother and tells his wife to be Kelly, about Penny's pregnancy to him. The heat is on.

  • Tobias and Penny are falling in love but neither of them know it yet. Tobias announces he is going to do situational dating. A punch in the face from a jealous Italian husband sees Tobias being scolded by Penny. Tobias asks Penny why she would tell him she loved him in chinese. Penny divulges she is pregnant to Patrick and she is shocked that Tobias knew all along.

  • Tobias dating is getting serious and the women are turning on him. Even ex-date police Sergeant Goldie comes in to question Tobias. The cafe owner, one of his ex-dates, and Tobias have a lustful encounter.

  • Tobias birthday brings many revelations. Eve's lust for Tobias, adoption papers from Lucy, and a dog from Penny. The birthday party unravels many truths. The most prominent being Penny's pregnant by Tobias brother, Patrick, unbeknown to Tobias. Tobias befriends an uber driver Ranjeet.

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