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Set in the economic and social decline of Britain at that time, it was a frightening tale of the near future, where the economy had collapsed, the price of things had become subject to hyperinflation, and lawlessness had become rife due to hardship and desperation felt by the mass population. It follows the Mortimer family and their fight to survive chronic food shortages and the riots of a ruined country. In a sudden house-move to a mansion in need of restoration in the countryside, the patriarch of the family, Norman Mortimer, strengthens the cellar to hoard food in preparation for the shortages to come. He does this in secrecy, as he does not want to advertise widely what he is up to for fear of his new home becoming a target for looters.

Noah's Castle is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (5 episodes). The series first aired on April 2, 1980.

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1 Season, 5 Episodes
April 2, 1980
Cast: Simon Gipps-Kent, David Neal, Jean rimmer
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Noah's Castle Full Episode Guide

  • Tensions mount as Mr. Mortimer points a gun at his own son when he discovers the young boy, Barry, attempting to steal food from his storages for his starving friends. Hoarding food has been deemed illegal since the apocalyptic takeover, but Mr. Mortimer feels a duty towards his immediate family and forbids the boy from speaking of where the food has been obtained. Will Mr. Mortimer steep to killing his own son over the food rations? Can any family survive such a terrible times?

  • The Mortimer family is scraping by with the help of some of the other prominent villagers. The government issues that they will be sending out troops to control the rioting hungry masses, and Mr. Mortimer and his son clash on Mr. Mortimer's negative view of ignoring the plights of the poor. Will the apocalyptic world tear the family apart? Will the food supplies continue to starve the country?

  • Our tale continues as the Mortimer family holes themselves up in a large abandoned mansion which they call Noah's Castle. All major communications have been shut down in this apocalyptic world, and no one is quite sure how far the destruction has spread. The Mortimers are scraping by with what little food they can find, but tensions are high. Will the family be able to avoid harm in this dangerous new world? Will their food supply cause them to be a target from hungry thieves?

  • Set in Britain during a chaotic period of economic and social decline, Noah's Castle is a frightening tale of the near future. Hyperinflation and lawlessness prevail. Everyday life is rife with hardship and desperation. The story follows the Mortimer family and their fight to survive chronic food shortages and the riots of a ruined country. The patriarch of the family, Norman Mortimer moves his family to a mansion in need of restoration in the countryside and secretively begins fortifying the cellar to hoard supplies. Will their new shelter become a target? Can they fend off a population of looters gone mad in desperation?