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  • 2012
  • 1 Season

NumbNuts is a show that airs on MTV2 and stars comedian Jeff Dye as himself. The show is a mix of comedy, stunts, and antics that are both absurd and hilarious. The premise of the show is simple: Jeff and his team of friends compete in a series of challenges that involve pain, humiliation, and extreme discomfort. The stakes are high as the losers of each challenge have to endure a punishment that is decided by the winners.

One of the standout features of NumbNuts is the chemistry between Jeff and his team. They are a group of friends who know each other well and have a great rapport. They are constantly joking and teasing each other, even in the middle of a challenge. This camaraderie adds to the fun and is one of the reasons why the show is so engaging.

The challenges on NumbNuts are not for the faint of heart. They range from being hit by paintballs to getting shot with a taser gun to being doused in hot sauce. These challenges test the limits of the contestants and are often quite painful. One of the most memorable challenges involved Jeff and his friends being suspended in the air while being pelted with water balloons. The humiliation factor is also high, as the contestants are often made to wear ridiculous costumes or perform silly tasks.

Despite the pain and humiliation, the contestants on NumbNuts are always willing to push themselves to the limit. They have a competitive spirit and a desire to win that is infectious. This makes the challenges even more thrilling to watch.

The punishments on NumbNuts are often as extreme as the challenges themselves. The winners get to decide what the losers have to do, and they don't hold back. Some of the punishments have included eating gross foods, getting tattoos, and being duct-taped to a wall. The punishments add an extra layer of excitement to the show, as the losers often have to suffer through something that is both hilarious and uncomfortable.

One of the strengths of NumbNuts is Jeff Dye's hosting. He is a natural comedian with a quick wit and an infectious personality. He is always making jokes and keeping the energy level high. He also participates in the challenges himself, which adds to the fun. Jeff's ability to connect with the contestants and make them feel at ease is impressive. He is genuinely funny and brings a lot to the show.

In addition to the challenges and punishments, NumbNuts has some fun recurring segments. One of the most entertaining is "The Slap," where Jeff and his friends take turns slapping each other in the face as hard as they can. It's a ridiculous concept, but it's surprisingly entertaining. Another segment is "The Nut Check," where Jeff and his friends compete in a game of dodgeball while wearing protective cups. These segments provide a break from the challenges and add some variety to the show.

Overall, NumbNuts is a highly entertaining show that is perfect for fans of comedy and stunts. It's not for the faint of heart, as the challenges can be quite painful, but for those who enjoy watching people endure pain and humiliation for a laugh, it's a must-watch. Jeff Dye is an excellent host who brings a lot of energy and humor to the show. His chemistry with his friends and the contestants is one of the show's strengths. NumbNuts is a show that will leave you laughing and cringing in equal measure.

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  • Premiere Date
    September 28, 2012