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O'Grady was an animated television show that aired on The N in the United States. This television series (which had two seasons) had been created by Tom Snyder and Carl Adams. The main characters that were in O'Grady included Abby Wilde (voiced by Melissa Bardin Galsky), Kevin Harnisch (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin), Beth Briggs (voiced by Holly Schlesinger) and Harold Oscar Jenkins (voiced by Patrice O'Neal).

The name of the show, O'Grady, is the name of the town that the show takes place in (a fictional town). It is supposedly a town that's been plagued by something that is called “The Weirdness”. When any resident who lives in O'Grady is affected by this so-called disease, it can affect you in strange ways.

2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
July 30, 2004
Animation & Cartoon
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O'Grady Full Episode Guide

  • Sahweeeet! Kevin goes on air as a popular shock-jock sidekick, and ends up being the poster boy for everything he despises. Also, Abby and Harold join Super Siblings, which makes them very attached to their siblings.

  • The Weirdness is back, giving some super-strength. Phillip and Beth run against each other for class president, and Abby develops a crush on a sub. Harold and Kevin form a punk band, but might have the wrong idea what a punk band is.

  • The Weirdness returns, giving everyone the ability to become invisible when they hold their breath. Derrick, the shoegazer, has found musical inspiration in Abby while Kevin's older brother, Randy, returns home from college and teaches people what he has 'learned.'

  • Harold has a blog, that becomes the talk of O'Grady as it is filled with stories about everybody, including Abby. The weirdness is also back giving animals the ability to talk.

  • Kevin and Beth volunteer to help build houses for the homeless, but Kevin uses the materials to build a skate ramp. Meanwhile, the weirdness is back making people unable to control their bladder. Abby helps out Iris at the mall, who starts to believe that her and Abby are now best friends. Harold finds an old game at the place where he works, and spends time trying to beat the highest score.

  • Beth is in France for the summer, and Abby and Kevin start working at the local pool. Also, the weirdness is in town causing people to float away when they are happy.

  • The Weirdness is back making people grow older when they sneeze. Kevin 'convinces' the gang to ditch school and hide out in Kevin's brother's car to escape the adults. Things get a little interesting when the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

  • O'Grady goes sugarless trying to obtain the precious Lingonberry, but the sugar lock-down might be more than they can handle.

  • Abby gets a makeover to attract the attention of Pete. Her friends get upset when they realize the Weirdness is back and is making it impossible to dish out any insults. Kevin also gets to be a mall cop.

  • The Weirdness is back and it's causing everyone to teleport when they yawn. Also, the gang is taught a lesson on childcare when everybody is assigned to be robo parents.

  • The Weirdness returns and exposes everyone's real feelings if they tell a lie. Beth takes advantage of the situation to get deals on clothes.

  • Abby learns that ballroom dancing should never include Philip. Meanwhile, when streets signs come to life, Beth and Harold find the road is even more dangerous.

  • Beth's boss Jasmine is sick, and she hires Abby to manage the store while she is out. Meanwhile, Harold's boss hires Kevin as an 'ideas man,' and starts favoring him over Harold.

  • The Weirdness is back, making everybody act like cats, right at the same as the O'Grady Idol competition is about to begin. Catfights break out as things really start getting crazy when the contest begins.

  • Weirdness-induced amnesia interferes with Kevin's party. Meanwhile, Harold finally gets a girl's number, but can't remember whose.

  • The Weirdness is back, causing clones to appear when people get mad. Unfortunately, Harold can't seem to get angry enough for a clone to show up. Everyone seems alright with the situation until Kevin and Abby's clones start to get a little too close.

  • Abby makes a video of O'Grady High attempting to show her school as perfectly normal. Unfortunately, she's challenged when the Weirdness makes everyone's insecurities surface when they sweat.

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