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  • 2012
  • 1 Season
  • 7.0  (776)

Lightning Point is an Australian science-fiction drama television series that premiered on TeenNick in 2012. The show follows two alien girls, Zoey (Lucy Fry) and Kiki (Philippa Coulthard), who crash land into a small town on Earth called Lightning Point. They are greeted by a teenage girl named Amber (Jessica Green) who helps them blend into human society and keep their true identities a secret.

As the aliens adjust to their new life on Earth, they try to navigate high school, make friends, and keep their extraterrestrial abilities hidden. Kiki, the more reserved and cautious of the two, struggles to fit in and often conflicts with Zoey, who is more outgoing and impulsive. Andrew James Morley plays Brandon, a human boy who becomes Zoey's love interest and gets pulled into the girls' extraterrestrial adventures.

Throughout the series, Zoey and Kiki learn more about Earth and human culture, make friends, and use their unique abilities to help those around them. However, they also must deal with the threats of a government agency that is trying to capture them and study their extraterrestrial powers. Along the way, the girls encounter other extraterrestrial creatures and discover more about their own origins.

The show features striking visuals and special effects, especially in the scenes where the two alien girls use their otherworldly powers. The use of vivid colors and bright lighting in the show's cinematography adds to the otherworldly tone and helps to enhance the relationship between alien powers and the human world. The soundtrack of the show is also noteworthy, with upbeat and catchy music that complements the show's youth-oriented and adventurous nature.

Despite being a science-fiction series, Lightning Point also deals with more serious themes such as fitting in, acceptance, and the struggle to keep secrets. The show has plenty of hijinks and lighthearted moments but also tackles real-life issues like teenage romance and friendships, alienation, and betrayal.

Overall, Lightning Point is a bold and fun science-fiction drama with a good mix of humor, romance, and action. The series showcases the talents of its young cast and captivates viewers with its imaginative plotline and visual effects. Fans of the genre will definitely enjoy the show's premise and characters.

Lightning Point
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26. Flight
November 21, 2012
Amber, Zoey and Kiki go for one last surf. Zoey and Kiki will miss Amber and Lightning Point when they leave for Lumina tonight.
25. Investigation
November 21, 2012
Brandon is finally ready to learn who he truly is. Zoey becomes more and more convinced that Brandon has secrets locked inside his memories.
24. Meltdown
November 14, 2012
Brandon is so excited by his alien energy that he starts to recharge far too often. As a result, he can't help but radiate energy in the diner.
Surf's Up
23. Surf's Up
November 14, 2012
The day of the Lightning Point Junior Girls Surfing Competition is here and everyone from Lightning Point is ready to compete ... except Zoey.
22. Connections
November 7, 2012
Brandon is furious with everyone, especially Zoey, for lying to him. How could they keep a secret like this from him?
21. Heartbreak
November 7, 2012
With Brandon fully charged, Zoey feels he needs to know the truth about her. How can she be his girlfriend and keep lying to him?
Power Up
20. Power Up
November 1, 2012
Kiki and Zoey are relieved to discover that half-Luminan Brandon can't use the card properly. The only way they can be sure they are out of danger though, is to destroy the card. But when Zoey is nearly caught by Brandon trying to steal it, Luca has to take matters into his own hands.
19. Vanished
October 31, 2012
When Amber suggests a house party to celebrate the newest couple in Lightning Point, everyone's excited. Everyone, that is, except Madison.
See the Light
18. See the Light
October 30, 2012
Until they know more about it, the gang decides not to let Brandon know about the toy lighthouse.
Alien Attraction
17. Alien Attraction
October 29, 2012
Luca is finally letting his guard down with Kiki again - and soon they're back to their old friendship. When Luca becomes curious about Kiki's alien powers, Kiki wastes no time in showing him some tricks with the plasma card.
Family Ties
16. Family Ties
June 21, 2012
Amber's father visits and invites her to move to Hawaii.
Poles Apart
15. Poles Apart
June 21, 2012
Amber is totally excited when her crush, Josh has noticed her at school. She's doubly excited when he asks her to help organise a Hawaiian fundraiser party for his basketball team. But when Zoey runs late from a surf lesson with Brandon, Amber accidentally stumbles into Zoey's plasma recharge. Suddenly, Amber starts affecting gravity! The only way to control the flying objects is to have Zoey next to Amber - all of the time. How can you have a romantic date with your alien best friend tagging along? And when the trio hit the party, they will have a lot to answer for if Amber starts to take to the skies!
14. Distracted
June 20, 2012
Will Kiki be able to escape alien hunter Harry Dean?
Space Ship
13. Space Ship
June 19, 2012
Brandon and Luca make a strange discovery in the cane field.
Kiki Revealed
12. Kiki Revealed
June 18, 2012
Brandon and Luca figure out a plan to track and find the aliens.
Close Encounter
11. Close Encounter
June 14, 2012
Zoey is sick of waiting and decides to find a way home. Zoey and Amber test out the energy field one more time.
Circle of Friends
10. Circle of Friends
June 13, 2012
Madison throws Brandon a birthday party; Kiki, Zoey and Amber decide to keep an eye on the guys at Brandon's birthday party.
The Cane Field
9. The Cane Field
June 12, 2012
Zoey, Kiki and Amber head out to the Benedict cane field. Zoey is excited and can't wait to show the others the energy anomaly she has found.
Risky Business
8. Risky Business
June 11, 2012
When Madison casually challenges Zoey to surf the infamous Lighthouse break with her, Zoey accepts but underestimates the danger involved.
Alien Abduction
7. Alien Abduction
June 7, 2012
When Zoey escapes the washing up to recharge her energy, Amber and Kiki think nothing of it - until a big burst of lightning strikes their house. Rushing upstairs, they find Zoey gone. When another bolt of lightning hits the house and tries to communicate with Kiki, she comes to a dark conclusion - Zoey is trapped in the lightning! Luca's alien hunt has stepped up a notch now that another electrical storm has come to town - the same type of storm as when aliens first visited Lightning Point. After Kiki and Amber lose track of the storm, they realise that to find Zoey, they will have to team up with Luca. Can the girls find Zoey without revealing their secret? Or will time run out when the storm and Zoey are blown out to sea?
6. Crushed
June 6, 2012
Luca and Kiki have been growing closer and Amber is sick of being stuck in the middle! Finally, Luca asks Kiki out on a date - and Kiki can't wait. Zoey thinks that love is a waste of time and sets off to follow up on some plasma card research, which may help unlock the mystery of why they came to Lightning Point. When Kiki arrives for the date, Luca is surprised to see what, or who, she brought along. Amber?! Luca is certain that Amber is jealous - and there to spoil the fun. But when Kiki experiences the depth of her feelings for Luca, she starts glowing uncontrollably - and Amber will have to bring the date to an end. Fast. Will Luca buy her excuses?
Good Vibrations
5. Good Vibrations
June 5, 2012
Luca's horse, Bandit, hasn't been the same since the big storm, so Kiki tries to heal him with her alien powers. Meanwhile, Zoey takes on a new challenge: household chores.
4. Feelings
June 4, 2012
When Kiki is moved to tears by Amber's singing, Amber makes an important discovery - Luminans can only experience emotions on Earth. Meanwhile, Zoey has fallen in love with surfing and goes out every day - that is, until Brandon steals her wave and makes her break Amber's prized surf board-Having never experienced anger, Zoey is a ticking time bomb and when Brandon and Madison team up to push her buttons, Zoey starts creating mini-earthquakes around Lightning Point! Can Amber make Zoey realise that she needs to let her anger out, before she explodes the Diner?
Wires Crossed
3. Wires Crossed
May 31, 2012
Kiki and Zoey use the school satellite dish to send an alien signal; Amber must stop the school from being overrun by canines.
2. Microwave
May 30, 2012
Kiki and Zoey begin to settle in at Amber's house; Brandon invites Zoey to a barbecue.
1. Wipeout
May 29, 2012
When Zoey and Kiki, two irrepressible girls from another galaxy land in Lightning Point, their dreams of surfing the waves of Earth's oceans have finally come true! As soon as their ship lands, they head to the beach where they meet Amber a local teen teaching a surf class. Zoey and Kiki convince her to give them a beginner's lesson but when Zoey borrows Madison's board and surfs the back break, Amber is suspicious. Who are these girls?
  • Premiere Date
    May 29, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (776)