On Death Row

On Death Row is a documentary series directed by Werner Herzog and hosted by Paula Zahn that goes inside the walls of prisons to interview inmates serving on death row. Herzog himself does not agree with the idea of capital punishment, but he does not let his feelings in anyway reflect on the interviews he does. In each episode, Herzog interviews a different inmate at a different prison. His interviews also include others who were involved in the case including police, attorneys both defense and prosecutors, and family members of the death row inmates.

Herzog's questions go from the hard, tough questions surrounding the cases that have put these inmates where they are to the simple ones like favorite foods and what they dream about. Herzog was only given one hour to interview the actual inmates for each segment. Herzog investigates all aspects of the inmates lives and what, if anything, in their past or childhood could have led to their current situation or if there are things that could have changed the outcome for them.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
1 Season, 5 Episodes
March 9, 2012
Cast: Werner Herzog
On Death Row

On Death Row Full Episode Guide

  • An interview with Hank Skinner, who was convicted of committing a triple-homicide in 1993.

  • Death-row inmates George Rivas and Joseph Garcia, two of the "Texas 7" who were sentenced to death for gunning down a police officer during a Christmas Eve 2000 robbery, are interviewed.

  • An interview with death-row inmate Linda Carty, who was convicted in the killing of a young mom.

  • Werner Herzog interviews death row inmate James Barnes.

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