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On the Buses was a British sitcom depicting the life of a group of workers in their everyday lives working for the Luxton & District Bus Company. The seven seasons consisting of 74 episodes were some of the most successful of the early 1970s and reflect the tastes and opinions of the time; On the Buses can be compared to the movie franchise Carry On in depicting working class life, with women often the object of physical attraction and not given the opportunity to be anything more. On the Buses was so successful in its run from 1969 to 1973 that three movies were produced during the same period by the horror film production company Hammer. The sitcom was initially rejected by the BBC before being produced by London Weekend Television.

Throughout the seven seasons of On the Buses the majority of episodes tell stand-alone stories based on the life of the Butler family, some storylines stretch throughout the seasons. In most cases bus driver Stan Butler, played by Reg Varney and his clippy, or bus conductor Jack Harper attempt to get away with an underhanded scam that allows them to date women they meet driving their bus. Inspector Blake has the job of appearing randomly on their bus route to check that they are on time; the aim of Blake, played by Stephen Lewis is to prove Butler and Harper are up to no good and should be sacked. Inspector Blake is well known for his catchphrase "I hate you, Butler," which featured in almost every episode.

The Butler family is rounded out by Mum, Stan's sister Olive and her husband Arthur. Olive and Arthur live with Mum and Stan, as Arthur rarely works and believes he is better than the rest of the Butlers. At various times Olive works for the bus company and is often the object of ridicule from the other characters because of her appearance. Despite its success On the Buses ended after the seventh series after star Reg Varney left the show during the final season; fellow star Michael Robbins, who played Arthur does not appear in the final season as he and wife Olive are described as divorced.

1 Season, 74 Episodes
February 28, 1969
Cast: Anna Karen, Bob Grant, Stephen Lewis, Reg Varney
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On The Buses Full Episode Guide

  • The last episode in this classic sitcom programme.

  • There is a vacancy at the depot canteen and Jack suggests that Mum might want to work there.

  • A new recruit is to be trained by Jack with the inspector's knowledge that she'll drive Jack mad with her moaning and whinging.

  • Mum and Olive read the Inspector's tea leaves and predict that he will marry one of them. Blakey doesn't appear willing to follow their glimpse into the future.

  • The inspector's mother stays at Mum's but the two women's personalities clash heavily making the house an unbearable place to be.

  • A water heater breaks down and Jack and the Inspector attempt to fix it themselves.

  • Stan has landed a new job in the north and realises that he will gain an extra week's wages if he gets the sack.

  • The company celebrates its centenary and Stan takes a trip down memory lane.

  • The company undergoes new measures to attract more passengers and launches an advertising campaign.

  • The depot's football team find that they have an attractive incentive if they win the match against the Basildon Bashers - they will receive a ┬ú5 bonus.

  • The family run into money problems when Olive and Mum spend ┬ú50 in the same week that Stan blows a week's wages in one night on his girlfriend.

  • Arthur still hasn't returned after six months and so Stan decides that it is time for Olive to go to the divorce courts.

  • Stan's mum enters a competition and wins a holiday for two people to the Costa Brava.

  • Stan and Jack listen in on Blakey's medical and fear the worse.

  • The inspector cuts down on the canteen's opening hours and fires the canteen girl which leads to disastrous consequences.

  • Stan looks back on his first day as a driver which was also the day that he met his conductor Jack.

  • Stan is unable to give his mum the housekeeping money after he gambles his wages on the dogs.

  • Arthur and Olive have domestic problems as they are unable to stop fighting.

  • The inspector refuses to allow the garage staff to smoke whilst on duty which leads to some unforeseen incidents.

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