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Penguin Drum revolves around a terminally ill young girl whose life is saved when she puts on a possessed penguin shaped hat. However, a repayment for saving her life the spirit asks her to recover a mysterious object known as the Penguin Drum. The job of recovering the Penguin Drum is taken up by the girl

Penguin Drum is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 3, 2013.

Penguin Drum is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Penguin Drum on demand atiTunes online.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
January 3, 2013
Cast: Miho Arakawa, Subaru Kimura, Ryouhei Kimura, Marie Miyake, Akira Ishida
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Penguin Drum Full Episode Guide

  • Sanetoshi offers Kanba a special medicine to revive Himari, though there will be a steep price to pay.

  • Shoma tries to dissuade Kanba from his terrible plans, but Ringo boards the train, having learned the secret that had been in the now-lost diary.

  • Shoma learns that Himari's life is at an end, while Ringo conforts him. Kanba is taken to a gravely injured Masako.

  • Ringo is approached by a journalist asking about the Takakuras, but she shakes him off and warns Himari.

  • After the incident at the construction site, Tabuki quits his job and leaves Yuri. Kanba is praised by his parents for protecting Himari, stating that soon they will be reunited.

  • Tabuki traps RIngo and holds Himari hostage, phoning Kanba and demanding he bring his father to him.

  • Masako thinks back to her grandfather, a powerful business tycoon who disowned her father for his perceived weakness.

  • Yuri is holding Ringo in a room that is coincidentally next to a room where Shoma is staying while on a school field trip. Yuri recalls memories about her father, a famous artist who abused her terribly.

  • Yuri breaks off an affair with one of her co-stars, longing for a certain someone. Shoma ignores Ringo, feeling she will never be able to forgive him for what his parents did.

  • Sanetoshi offers Kanba a special medicine to revive Himari, though there will be a steep price to pay.

  • Sanetoshi tells Kanba that Himari will die again. Shoma explains how Shoma and Kanba's parents were responsible for Momoka's death.

  • Kanba confronts Natsume about the memory-erasing balls and her reasons for wanting Ringo's diary. Meanwhile, Ringo is determined to complete Project M, diary or no diary.

  • Shoma wakes up in the hospital, choosing to keep quiet about what happened between him and Ringo. Natsume disguises herself as a nurse and kidnaps Shoma, demanding the other half of the diary from Kanba and Ringo.

  • Himari has a strange dream about her early childhood, recalling her two best friends who later went on to become successful pop stars.

  • Tabuki invites Ringo to see one of Yuri's plays with him, then they attend a party where Yuri announces her engagement to Tabuki.

  • Kanba visits Asam in the hospital, discovering that she has no recollection of him. Shoma is coerced into helping Ringo move to Tabuki's apartment.

  • Kanba learns his uncle is going to sell their house. Shoma asks Ringo directly about her diary.

  • Himari helps Ringo prepare for a "date" with Tabuki at the park. Kanba makes Shoma go with her, hoping to get a glance at the diary.

  • Ringo makes a special curry for Tabuki. Shoma and Kanba break into her house to search for the Penguindrum.

  • Shoma and Kanba are directed to observe a girl named Ringo that may possess the Peguindrum.

  • Shoma and Kanba live alone with their terminally ill sister, Himari. When she collapses, a strange entity offers to save herÂ…though it comes at a price.