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This show is an anime film which was originally produced in Japan. It takes place in an imaginary reality that was created by the main character, Nagato. Nagato is a reserved, studious girl who gets herself into various situations. Her friend Ryoko Asukura, helps her get through these difficult situations. Kyon, although sarcastic, also comes to her aid. Later on, she meets other characters and not only do they help her in these various situations, but also help to add to her personality.

Saturday 1:40 PM et/pt on FUNimation
1 Season, 16 Episodes
April 3, 2015
Animation & Cartoon, Anime
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The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan Full Episode Guide

  • The summer break is finally here. North High's Literature Club sets out to vacation at the Tsuruya family's summer house on the beach. Can Yuki spend time alone with Kyon? Will Kyon be able to get over his awkward feelings towards Yuki?

  • After Yuki goes back to being her old self, the lives of the North High's Literature Club members are also going back to normal, except for Kyon, who doesn't know how to deal with the old Yuki due to the knowledge of the other Yuki's feelings towards him.

  • Yuki keeps having a dream in which she gazes into the memories of her other self and starts realizing that the time for her to go back to her other self might be approaching.

  • Kyon and Yuki visit the library in order to study for their final exams. Although Kyon was hoping to get Yuki's help with his studying, she becomes so fixated on books that she ends up forgetting why they are there in the first place.

  • Yuki was almost hit by a car and fell. Although she wasn't seriously hurt, Ryoko is worried about her because she's been acting differently since the accident. What happened to Yuki? Will she go back to her old self soon?

  • The North High Literature Club training camp has begun. After dinner, Yuki, Ryoko, Kyon, Haruhi and Koizumi get together and start playing card games, in which they decide to have some penalties for losers. Who is the first loser and what's the penalty?

  • The gang has finally arrived at the hot spring inn. They're looking forward to a relaxing bath and a nice dinner, but as usual, Haruhi gets a little too excited...

  • Although Ryoko gets increasingly worried about Yuki's relationship with Kyon after seeing what happened in the clubroom, she realizes that all she can do is watch over her. Meanwhile, the gang leaves for a hot spring to hold their training camp.

  • When Haruhi and Koizumi see Kyon working on his schoolwork, they realize that he's studying what they learned last year. When Haruhi mentions it, Kyon feels like she's taking North High lightly and gets Ryoko to uphold their honor with a math challenge.

  • On Valentine's Day, Yuki rushes out of the clubroom when she walks in on Haruhi giving chocolates to Kyon. After seeing how Yuki left, Ryoko starts worrying that Yuki might've given up on giving chocolates to Kyon.

  • The day before Valentine's Day, the Literature Club is holding no activities. While Haruhi drags Kyon around for her own activities, Yuki makes a Valentine gift to give to Kyon with Ryoko's help. But can she muster the courage to actually give it to him?

  • The day after the Christmas party, Yuki and Kyon encounter a girl who falls down in front of a park. After helping her to a warm place, they're told that she was trying to capture Santa in the park, which makes Yuki remember that she's met her before.

  • Christmas is here and it's party time for the Literature Club! Yuki looks back at how she was able to save the club and feels very happy that her wishes have come true. Now, there's only one thing left for her to accomplish on this day...

  • With Christmas coming up, Yuki Nagato and her fellow Literature Club members are planning to hold a Christmas party in the clubroom. One of Yuki's wishes for the party is to eat turkey, which ends up landing her in a series of weird competitions.

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