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  • TV-14
  • 1990
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.6  (2,797)

Record of Lodoss War is a fantasy anime series that aired in Japan from 1990-1991. The series was based on a series of fantasy novels by Ryo Mizuno and illustrated by Yoshihiko Ochi. The anime adaptation was produced by Studio Madhouse, directed by Akinori Nagaoka, and written by Mami Watanabe. The series was broadcasted in North America by Central Park Media on their label Anime Selects.

The story follows a young warrior named Parn, who is the son of a famous knight in the kingdom of Valis. Despite his father's reputation, Parn is an inexperienced fighter who dreams of becoming a valiant knight like his father. One day, Parn and his band of friends stumble upon a mysterious crystal, which leads them on a perilous adventure to save their kingdom from the clutches of dark forces.

The show's world is filled with various kingdoms, races, and mythical creatures such as elves, dwarves, dragons, and sorcerers. As Parn and his companions travel through this world, they come across various obstacles and challenges that test their skills and courage.

The characters in the show are well developed and each have their own unique backgrounds, motivations, and personalities. Parn is the main protagonist and is portrayed as an optimistic and determined young man who wishes to become a great knight. Etoh is a wise and gentle priest who offers guidance and support to the group. Deedlit is an elven princess with exceptional archery skills and a keen mind. Ghim is a former Dwarf warrior who teaches Parn valuable lessons about life and combat.

The animation quality of the show is impressive for its time, with well-designed characters, intricate backgrounds, and fluid action scenes. The use of colors and shading techniques helps to create a sense of depth and atmospheric ambiance to the various settings of the story.

The show's soundtrack is also noteworthy, with a memorable main theme and well-crafted background music that appropriately enhances the mood of the scenes.

Overall, Record of Lodoss War is a classic anime series that appeals to fans of high-fantasy adventures. It offers a rich world filled with magic, danger, and heroism, as well as a cast of likable and memorable characters. The series has garnered a sizable following over the years and has inspired various spinoff media, such as video games and manga adaptations.

Record Of Lodoss War is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on November 23, 1990.

Record Of Lodoss War
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Hero...The Birth of a New Knight
27. Hero...The Birth of a New Knight
September 30, 1998
All seemed well with the defeat of Wagnard and Karla, but unfortunately Kardis has awakened and her spirits of death spread out from Marmo wiping out monsters and men throughout Lodoss. Spark leaps into the shadow world where Neese is still imprisoned and encounters Naneel who plans on using Neese's body as the incarnation of Kardis. Neese continues to struggle with all her might, and a big decision from Spark will decide the fate of Lodoss.
Destruction...The Evil God Released
26. Destruction...The Evil God Released
September 23, 1998
The gang converge toward the sacrifice room where Wagnard has Neese imprisoned, but they will be facing two threats. Now only is Wagnard about to complete the ritual for the resurrection of Kardis, but Karla is supporting him by repeating the ritual as well. Spark's group try to attack Wagnard, but Wagnard is way too powerful, and his Kardis instant death spirit spells hold the group back. Parn's group (Deedlit, Slayn, Leylia) attempt to go after Karla but have the additional challenge of not being able to kill her lest she jump to a new person. Spark and Garrack plan a sacrificial attack on Wagnard, but the result is not what Spark expected.
Decision... The Black Knight's Option
25. Decision... The Black Knight's Option
September 16, 1998
On the island of Marmo, the team converge and enter Conquera Castle. Kardis continues the resurrection ceremony and brings out the spirit of Naneel out from Neese. As the others race ahead toward Wagnard, they encounter Ashram and Pirotess who have said their farewells to Wagnard. The fight is clearly for Parn (and Deedlit vs. Pirotess) as he directs Spark and others to move on. As the two heroes clash swords, Ashram comes to revelation as to his purpose and desires.
The Witch...The One Who Maintains The Balance Of Power
24. The Witch...The One Who Maintains The Balance Of Power
September 9, 1998
Narse has arisen and is wreaking havoc on the gang. Fortunately the timely arrival of Shiris and her dragon riders gives time for the gang to focus on pressing forward into Marmo. Narse still has the upper hand until the surprise arrival of another mighty force. On the ground, Parn and Spark's group encounter Karla who gives her final offer: surrender themselves and she'll stop Wagnard, or drive on and she'll turn and help Wagnard since she believes the heroes in a unified Lodoss are a greater threat. Ashram says farewell to Wagnard as he has his Marmo people board ships to leave for another continent.
Landing...The Terrifying Dark Island
23. Landing...The Terrifying Dark Island
September 2, 1998
The heroes old and new reach the shores of Marmo. But the creatures there give them plenty of trouble. The fighters (Parn, Spark, and Garrack) get split off from the others and must fight some mud monsters. The other team have their hands full against some gargoyles. Meanwhile, the armies of the nations of Lodoss assemble in Rudo, ready to invade Marmo once and for all. Karla senses that the heroes have the upper hand in the final clash, so she balances the powers by awakening the ancient dragon Narse!
Liberation...A Path Opened
22. Liberation...A Path Opened
August 26, 1998
Prince Ryona and the Free Army attack the city of Rudo; Sparks' party is assigned with taking the city center. Pirotess fights a holding action against Parn and Deedlit while Ashram evacuates his people. By episode's end, the Marmo have withdrawn from Lodoss, leaving the rescue of Neese and the battle with Wagnard as the final tasks.
A Vow...A Step Towards The Future
21. A Vow...A Step Towards The Future
August 19, 1998
Parn reins in Spark, explaining that if the group can take Kannon, they can then drive to Marmo in a swift and sure manner. Wagnard explains to Neese his reasons for wanting to resurrect Kardis, confirming the suspicion that he's nuts. the combined armies of Kashue and Etoh begin to descend on Kannon, but Ashram has plans of his own.
Counterattack...The Stolen Last Hope
20. Counterattack...The Stolen Last Hope
August 12, 1998
Back in Alan, Kashue sacks Raster's keep and tosses him over the side. Kashue dispatches the armies of Alan and Flaim to Marmo as Etoh readies the armies of Valis to march as well. Spark and Neese grow closer at a small celebration, but Wagnard appears and finally succeeds in stealing the young Doorway.
Reunion...In A Distant War-Torn Land
19. Reunion...In A Distant War-Torn Land
August 5, 1998
The party reaches Kanon, which used to be the most lush green land among Lodoss, but has now suffered the ravages of war. As they camp out, Spark affirms he will protect Neese no matter what, but a group of Marmo thinks they are part of the free army. They attack with goblins, the party splits off. The Marmo leader traps Spark, Neese, and Aldo on a cliff top, summoning forth a fierce giant ogre. Spark gets into trouble, but Neese affirms she is not the only one who will be protected; she wants to protect her friends too!
Mission...The Path One Follows
18. Mission...The Path One Follows
July 29, 1998
Wagnard is confronted by Karla about his plans to resurrect Kardis. Neese is at the Temple of Falis but sees that the dark elves have stolen the Staff of Life and Jay and the Marmo mercenaries bar the way out. Spark charges the temple to rescue Neese from Jay's forces. But when he learns the Staff is missing he is about to chase after the Marmo ship when Wagnard attacks Neese again. Spark and the gang do all they can to hold onto Neese.
Decision...An Option Compelled
17. Decision...An Option Compelled
July 22, 1998
War takes place throughout Lodoss. The dragon riders under Duke Redrick and Queen Shiris (yes, that Shiris) end the civil war in Moss. King Kashue battles Duke Raster in Alania, going for a gutsy personal charge. Meanwhile, Spark returns before the ball and tells his party of the ship that will grant them passage. But something seems suspicious that a military ship is used. Could it be an attack on Valis? Spark must make the decision on whether to tell Etoh which would mean confessing that he's been sneaking around. But Neese had already made her decision to go to the temple to defend the Staff of Life, and it soon becomes clear what Spark must do.
The Holy City...Pursuing A Clue
16. The Holy City...Pursuing A Clue
July 15, 1998
After gaining access to the city of Valis, the group learns from King Etoh that they are to return to King Kashue if they haven't recovered the Soul Crystal Ball. They face the decision of whether to obey the others or move on with their quest. With a day before the ball, the group hits the bars of Valis to try to get leads on Marmo, figuring that the bag man who picked up the Ball from the Elves would be doing the same. Unfortunately, their search gets them into a fight with some Valis sailors, forcing the group to flee. However, Spark makes his escape with the aid of a man who just might get them passage.
An Old Enemy...Reunion With The Black Knight
15. An Old Enemy...Reunion With The Black Knight
July 8, 1998
Rabido's scouts have been decimated; so he declares martial law and locks the villagers inside their homes while he goes out to battle the free army led by Prince Reona. Parn, Deedlit, and Maar sneak into the village to try to free the villagers but they are shocked to encounter Ashram, whom they had written off as dead at Shooting Star's lair, but he is back along with Pirotess and Groder. He has already freed the villagers and announces his plan of becoming king of all Lodoss. While Reona fights Rabido, Parn fights Ashram, and it is not clear who the real winner is.
Doorway...The Truth Proclaimed
14. Doorway...The Truth Proclaimed
July 1, 1998
After recovering Neese from her confrontation in her dream with Wagnard, Aldonova reveals the truth about Neese; she is the Doorway, the sacrifice that Wagnard would use to resurrect Kardis. Spark and the gang strategize on next steps to hunt down the Soul Crystal courier to deliver King Kashue's message to King Etoh. It becomes apparent that Spark's party should head to Valis. Meanwhile, Parn, Deedlit, and Maar arrive at a fortress of the free army in Kanon to help Prince Reona battle the Marmo governor led by Rabido.
Nightmare...The Creeping Dark Power
13. Nightmare...The Creeping Dark Power
June 24, 1998
The group dispatches the Dark Elves that they've been pursuing. Unfortunately, the Soul Crystal Ball has already been passed along. And what do Neese's dreams have to do with it all?
Sallying Forth...Pursuing A Dark Shadow
12. Sallying Forth...Pursuing A Dark Shadow
June 17, 1998
We get more information on Little Neese. Obviously, she's the granddaughter of the heroic Neese that passed away earlier in the series. Her powers come from the Earth goddess Marfa.
Light...A Girl Guided By The Gods
11. Light...A Girl Guided By The Gods
June 10, 1998
As Spark's group arrives at the Southern Fortress (with Little Neese sneaking behind), they learn of a couple who found themselves ambushed by the dark elves. Ryna, a woman in red, and her partner Randy who was wounded in the scuffle. Spark tries to get information from Ryna on where the dark elves are but a hydra-like monster is unleashed nearby.
Recovery...A Mission Assigned
10. Recovery...A Mission Assigned
June 3, 1998
Spark tries to defend the treasury from the Dark elves but is unsuccessful as they make off with the Soul Crystal Ball. After discussing with Parn about the importance of the item and the growing threat of the Marmo alliance, Kashue commissions Spark to recover the item and also send a message to Valis. Spark gets introduced to a new team of adventurers.
The Young Knight...Tested Strength
9. The Young Knight...Tested Strength
May 27, 1998
Nine years later, the elderly Neese passes away, joining her hero friends of legend. Spark, a knight-in-training, misses the cut for knighthood for that year. But the next year, he is specially summoned by King Kashue, and ends up meeting his protege.
The Scepter of Domination...The Dream of a United Lodoss
8. The Scepter of Domination...The Dream of a United Lodoss
May 20, 1998
Ashram and Hobb enter the dragon's lair but are surprised that Shooting Star has returned, and he is not amenable to just handing over the Scepter of Domination! King Kashue arrives and offers a proposition to Ashram; they will ally to defeat Shooting Star, and then they will duel for the Scepter afterwards. But Ashram is suspect whether Kashue will keep his word. Parn and the rest of the party arrive to provide support, with Parn even taking a heroic strike on the dragon. But then Ashram tries to get the Scepter, and that means big trouble!
Death... A Gentle Heart Bequeathed
7. Death... A Gentle Heart Bequeathed
May 13, 1998
Orson finally feels like he can express emotions by suppressing his berserker rage, and the first thing he does is confess his love for Shiris! But Parn and the gang have a big battle to deal with. Ashram leaves his party outside to guard the entrance to Shooting Star's cave, and when they finally meet against Parn's party, one of the sorcerers summons undead skeleton troops. Everyone squares off against each other with clashing swords and elemental summoning sorcery. Shiris tries to get revenge on the big Amazon woman but gets into some serious trouble, to the point where Orson makes a final deal with Hyuri to become a berserker again.
Heart...Tears Reborn
6. Heart...Tears Reborn
May 6, 1998
Ashram's ship makes their way to Blue Dragon Island with Orson's group held captive. Ashram has Orson witness how powerful his group is in fighting Abram the Water Dragon, and up acquiring its treasure, the Soul Crystal Ball. As the ship heads off to Shooting Star's lair in Flaim, Orson and Shiris attempt an escape, but Maar tricks the gang and makes off with the Soul Crystal Ball. Kashue's team attempts to make their way to Raiden to get magic support from Slayn and Leylia. After reuniting, they come across Maar, who after hearing Kashue's intentions, agrees to lead them to the pirates, and they attempt to rescue Orson's team.
Demon Sword...The Power to Crush Souls
5. Demon Sword...The Power to Crush Souls
April 29, 1998
Shooting Star launches its attack on the forces of Flaim. Parn and Kashue manage to score some hits on Shooting Star, even poking an eye, but that only angers Shooting Star to the point where it vows to destroy the villagers of Flaim (one hundred men for every scale), and Kashue faces the reality of defeat. Orson's group isn't having much luck either as their assault on the pirates turns out to be against Ashram himself and the Marmo forces.
Pirates...The Ship of Dark Ambitions
4. Pirates...The Ship of Dark Ambitions
April 22, 1998
The forces of Flaim head out to the wilderness to confront Shooting Star, while Orson's team splits off to go to the free city of Raiden. Meanwhile, Ashram has hired a group of pirates to carry the Marmo standard, harrass all the local ships, and go after Abram. At Raiden, Maar the little bard offers to help guide them to the pirates; Orson agrees but struggles a bit with his berserker nature. Parn and Deedlit ride with Kashue's forces as they arrive at a burned village.
King...The Long Sought Hero
3. King...The Long Sought Hero
April 15, 1998
Parn and friends arrive at Flaim, which is undergoing a big food shortage because of a large influx of refugees. They meet up with King Kashue and agree to split the party into two small groups. Parn, Deedlit, and Kashue will hunt after Shooting Star, while they nominate Orson to lead the second group to hunt down Abram. Kashue hosts a ball and then during a spar with Parn, he hints to Parn that he would make a good king.
Dragon...The Guardian of the Lost History
2. Dragon...The Guardian of the Lost History
April 8, 1998
Slayn and Leylia share the back story of the ancient dragons and how Karla transformed from sorceress to witch five hundred years ago.
The Free Knight...A New Legend Begins
1. The Free Knight...A New Legend Begins
April 1, 1998
Sheris and Orson as employed as mercenaries to collect taxes from a small village when they are met with opposition in the way of Parn, The Free Knight and Deedlit. Meanwhile Ashram has claimed to kill an ancient white dragon for the item of power it was said to possess.
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  • Premiere Date
    November 23, 1990
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (2,797)