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Primer Impacto is an informative program broadcasted by the American channel, Univision. The show is directed to the Spanish speaking audience in the USA and transmitted and distributed to other countries such as Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Argentina. The television show is hosted by the talented and charismatic Barbara Bermudo & Pamela Silva Conde, during the weekly broadcasts. On the weekends, the program switches its name to Primer Impacto Extra, in which it is hosted by Natalia Cruz.

The television show is known for presenting shocking news from around the world, most of them, without any censorship restrictions on the images and videos. Primer Impacto contains an array of subjects in the program. The 60 minute broadcast includes a wide variety of interesting topics for various groups of the audience. Within the program are themes such as weather, sports, movies, business show information, horoscopes (astrology), fashion, curiosities and much more.

People can expect to see explicit scenes of heartbreaking murders, natural disasters, scary assaults, breathtaking collisions, unexpected robberies, surprising accidents and tragic situations in which human beings or animals can be involved. However, it is also possible to be the witness of tender moments, hilarious situations, health facts, unbelievable wedding proposals, new discoveries, solidarity expressions and generous actions, among others.

The show offers updated news, reports, interviews, statements, opinions and much more; from the public, private, scientific and entertainment field.

Primer Impacto has maintained a standard of going against the grain of what is considered a regular informational/news program. The manner of presenting reality and international events to the viewer in their style has made the TV program become one of the favorite Spanish language news broadcasts for almost two decades.

6 Seasons, 668 Episodes
October 22, 2012
Primer Impacto
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