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Welcome to Pocketville, where beautiful kitty Princess Ava matches lucky children with new pet friends. One day her jealous twin sister Eva accidentally sends Ava to the 'real world' while school girl Kate is sent to Pocketville in her place. Kate and her new dog Magic must continue Ava's work until she can find her way home. The devious Eva tries to stop them so she can become the new Princess!

Puppy in My Pocket is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on November 30, 2010.

Puppy in My Pocket is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Puppy in My Pocket on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon online.

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1 Season, 36 Episodes
November 30, 2010
Animation & Cartoon
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Puppy in My Pocket Full Episode Guide

  • Ava is getting ready to leave; overjoyed, she establishes an official holiday in honor of Kate and Magic. But unfortunately, that means the official release of all prisoners of the Kingdom! Ava unwittingly gives back freedom to Eva and her henchmen. Meanwhile the animal snatcher breaks into Kate's place to capture Ava again. The Friendship Ceremony begins.

  • The Pocket Kingdom is in a frenzy and all the little animals are preparing to celebrate Ava's return. Even Eva and her henchmen agree to join and give back the other part of the Friendship Heart. Nevertheless, they are stopped by the Royal Guards. Meanwhile, Kate realizes that Ava's departure is imminent. But the animal snatcher has just been released from prison.

  • After many twists and turns, Kate and her friends find the Magic Drop and Eva, who set a trap again, suffers a new defeat. Our heroes take Ribbon to the Big City. After that, they admire the wonderful present that the citizens of Pocketville gift Princess: a New Royal collar.

  • The snatcher breaks into Kate's place during the night and neutralizes her dad with a sleeping pill. But our heroine is able to defend herself. With the help of Magic, she captures the bandit and hands him over to the police. Wallace takes advantage of the snatcher's absence to set Ava free. At last, our heroes meet.

  • Eva has managed to trap the little pet, Leo, that Kate wanted to take to the big city for her new friend. But the wicked cat fails once again because of her henchmen. Kate successfully closes the Friendship Ceremony and goes back home, where her father tells her that her punishment is finally over.

  • Kate, Magic and Wallace open Ava's cage. But Krakia arrives unexpectedly and locks them in. Our friends succeed in setting themselves free, but this time, it's the animal snatcher who cuts them off. He informed Kate's father who, furious, comes and picks his daughter up and forbids her to go out for two weeks.

  • Kate is troubled by one of her classmates who really needs a little pet. In Pocketville she meets the perfect pup, Bella, an etiquette teacher. But before heading to the big city, Eva challenges her to teach Züll and Gort good manners.

  • Despite Eva's dark plot, Kate succeeds in taking the goldfish Flipper to the big city, solving the problem of Francesca. Our heroine is in a hurry to get back to the search of Princess Ava.

  • Kate, Wallace and Magic meet the animal snatcher. Kate tries to negotiate Ava's release but the bandit requires a thousand gold coins as ransom. Kate and Magic go to Pocketville where Evershell reveals the existence of a field of golden flowers. Our heroes go there and begin to acquire the required sum. Meanwhile, Krakia tries to kidnap Ava on Eva's behalf.

  • In Pocketville, Kate finds the perfect pet: a small bunny-doctor. But Gort and Züll poisoned by Eva, delay the departure of the bunny-doctor and Kate. Fortunately, our heroes upset Eva's plot and go to the big city, determined to set Ava free.

  • Kate and her friends are about to go to the animal snatcher when they meet a little girl overprotected by her mother, who really needs a little pet. Kate leaves for Pocketville while Eva is developing a plan to retain her there and prevent her from setting her sister free.

  • Kate and Magic try to bring the puppy Juno to the big city for Alice. They finally get there, despite the traps set by Eva. Wallace succeeds in locating the snatcher's home. But he's watched by Krakia who hurries to inform Eva.

  • Kate and Magic, despite Eva's plans, find the perfect pet for Nicole: Slowpoke. When the Friendship Ceremony is over, they come back to the big city to find the animal snatcher and save Princess Ava.

  • Ava and Wallace are going to have a good time at the fun fair but they don't know that Kate and the animal snatcher are looking for them. By knocking Wallace out, the snatcher succeeds in catching Ava. Kate and Magic bring Wallace home to heal him. Krakia, who saw the scene, tells Eva about her sister's kidnapping.

  • Kate's mother comes back to spend the weekend with her family for her daughter's birthday. Kate is very happy but a little embarrassed at the same time. How can she spend time with her parents and search for Ava, who is now at a fun fair? Fortunately, she has an idea: Kate convinces her parents to celebrate her birthday there.

  • Kate and her friends escape Eva's trap and find the pet that will help Vanessa ride a horse again. But unfortunately, Eva succeeds in obtaining Kate's hair and brings Durillia all the ingredients necessary for the "Anti-friendship Ceremony".

  • Züll succeeds in stealing Magic's hairs but he can't get Kate's hair. At Pocketville theater, our heroes meet the puppy that will help Daniel overcome his stage fright.

  • Stephan's mother is a stickler for cleanliness, but her son dreams of owning a little pig! Kate and Magic are trying to find him the perfect pet, but Eva, as usual, will try to upset their plans. Moreover, the Magic Drop found by our hero, is trapped in the rocks of a raging torrent.

  • Kate and Magic are still looking for Princess Ava. She is hiding in a bus depot, where she is soon found by the wicked animal snatcher, who wants to catch and sell her. In the meantime, the wicked Eva wants to find the "Never Alone" flower at any cost and give it to Durillia, who will reveal how to get to the big city. The flower is closely watched by a snow leopard.

  • Eva and her henchmen arrive close to the "Never Alone" flower but it is watched by an unfriendly snow leopard. Meanwhile, Kate and Magic look for Ava at the three most important bus stops in the city. But the Princess and her friend Wallace are picked on by a cruel animal snatcher.

  • Züll and Gort successfully pass the second test. Meanwhile, Eva gets the answer she wished from the Pocketpedia: the flower "Never Alone" is in the Land of Eternal Snow. Meanwhile, the guard position is given to Pia, but she is the little dog destined for Michele. Danny will finally be given the responsibility of the surveillance of the castle.

  • The Pawball match between Eva and her henchmen versus Kate, Magic and Frankie begins. The beginning is difficult, but our heroes win the match. However, Eva flees without giving them the promised reward: her part of the Friendship Heart. Meanwhile, Ava trains hard with Wallace, determined to learn to survive in the big city.

  • Eva and her henchmen arrive at Durillia's, who agrees to tell them how get to the Big City, in exchange for a flower: "Never Alone". Meanwhile, Kate, exhausted by the search for Princess Ava, finds herself forced to take a rest. A nice dream will teach her that all good things require patience.

  • Wallace decides to become Ava's mentor in the Big City. Meanwhile, Kate and her friends choose a small pet for Alexia, Kate's schoolfriend. Eva and her henchmen continue their journey to Durillia.

  • Kate and her friends, helped by Robby, escape from the trap set by Eva, who suffers a new defeat. But she swears to take her revenge and decides to consult Durillia to find a way to go to the Big City and prevent Ava coming back home. Meanwhile, Wallace and the Princess get more and more acquainted with each other.

  • Molly loves sweets, she can't do without them and feels very unhappy. Kate and Magic decide to give her a pet, a hamster chef who will make her appreciate fruits and vegetables. Obviously, the wicked Eva tries once again to steal the Friendship Heart, but the brave hamster will save the situation. Ava is helped again by her new friend, Wallace.

  • Kate and Magic decide to organize the quest of Princess Ava and go to the library to consult a map of the city. There, they meet a girl who dreams of a kitten, but her mother is afraid of cats and inflexible. Kate and Magic must find a baby cat that will help her mommy overcome her fear. Our heroes' choice falls on Camo. Meanwhile, Princess Ava is wandering the Big City and meets Wallace.

  • Very absorbed in his work, Liam's father has little time to take care of him. Kate and Magic will choose a little pet for him, a Saint Bernard puppy who will lead our heroes on the mountain, where the wicked Eva is waiting for them. Fortunately, they will be saved by a frisbee and their friends. Liam will welcome home his new little friend.

  • Kate and Magic search the Big City looking for Princess Ava. Unfortunately, they get nowhere. On the way, they meet a little Italian girl who seems to be in great need of a little puppy. According to their promise, Magic and Kate come back to Pocketville to choose a pet for their new little friend. But there, the wicked Eva is waiting for them.

  • Eva finds out that Kate has the other part of the Friendship Heart. She sends her henchmen to seize it, but the Golden Eagles help Kate. Kate goes back home with Magic, after having promised to seek the princess Ava and to return to Pocketville. Krakia reports this promise to Eva. The wicked Siamese decides to await the return of Kate and Magic.

  • To find the Princess, our young heroes start a journey to the wise Evershell's cave. They are followed by Krakia, a crow that works for the evil sister Eva. Kate and her friends finally arrive to Evershell and learn a strange prophecy: Kate herself will help them find the missing Princess!

  • Kate arrives at Pocket Kingdom. Oristolfo gives her a collar that allows her to understand small animals. They tell her about Princess' disappearance and put her through some tests to prove her courage and kind-heartedness. Meanwhile, Kate finds out she is Oristolfo's little owner and gives him a new name: Magic.

  • It is a day of joy for Caroline and her little Dalmatian: they will finally meet. Joy reigns in the kingdom of Pocketville as they celebrate an important anniversary. Oristolfo will be given a little owner. Unfortunately, the wicked Eva and her henchmen take advantage of the ceremony and steal Ava's Friendship Heart, causing the Princess' disappearance.

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