• 2017
  • 1 Season

RAGE OF BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL is an anime series that follows the journey of 16-year-old Nina Drango, a cheerful and strong-willed girl who works as a bounty hunter. Set in a vibrant and fantastical world, the story is a continuation of the original anime, RAGE OF BAHAMUT: GENESIS.

The series takes place 10 years after the events of the first season, where humans and demons coexist in a world of magic and technology. However, after the fall of the angels and the creation of a new world order, tensions begin to rise between the two races, leading to a brewing conflict.

As the story progresses, Nina finds herself caught in the middle of this conflict. Upon realizing her true nature as a dragon knight, she sets out on a journey to discover her past and find her place in the world.

Along the way, Nina meets a colorful cast of characters, including the infamous bounty hunter, Favaro Leone, the demon prince, Azazel, and the fallen angel, Gabriel. Together, they must navigate through dangerous territories, unravel the mysteries of the past, and face a dangerous enemy that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear.

The animation is breathtaking, with beautifully detailed and vividly colored backgrounds that transport viewers to a world filled with magic and wonder. The fight scenes are exceptionally well-choreographed, showcasing the characters' unique abilities and powers.

The voice acting, led by Sumire Morohoshi as Nina Drango, is superb. She captures the character's energy and determination, bringing a sense of authenticity and emotion to her performance. Yuuichirou Umehara as Favaro Leone delivers a performance that is both charming and entertaining, while Hiroyuki Yoshino as Azazel brings depth and complexity to his character.

In addition to the main storyline, RAGE OF BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL explores various themes, including identity, loyalty, and forgiveness. The characters' internal struggles and personal growth add depth and nuance to the overall narrative, making it more than just a simple adventure story.

Overall, RAGE OF BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL is an engaging and thrilling anime series that is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. It is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys fantasy, action, and adventure, and is a worthy successor to the original anime.

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Run, Nina, Run
24. Run, Nina, Run
September 30, 2017
Kaisar looks death in the eyes when protecting Charioce XVII from Jeanne and Azazel.Meanwhile Bahamut unleashes a torrent of destruction across the world. As the end draws near, difficult decisions become inevitable.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
Rise of the Nightmare
23. Rise of the Nightmare
September 23, 2017
While Charioce XVII is leading Bahamut to the capital, demonic forces jointly commanded by Azazel and Lucifer besiege the city.Jeanne's rebel army enters the fray, which results in a free-for-all battle of men, gods, and demons. Amidst the chaos, Dias finds Alessand wandering the battlefield.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
Which Way Is the Wind Blowing?
22. Which Way Is the Wind Blowing?
September 16, 2017
Charioce XVII brings unrest to the land of Eibos, where Bahamut was revived a decade ago.Nina follows the king to Eibos in order to put an end to his violent acts. Having lost her son El to a stabbing, Jeanne leads her allies to make an assault on the capital and slay Charioce.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
21. Vengeance
September 9, 2017
Rita frantically attempts to save El after he's stabbed by Alessand. El's mother Jeanne is powerless to do anything but watch. Azazel makes his ire known and then vanishes into the rain. Alessand pleads with the head of the Onyx Knights to allow him entry into the force as a reward for stabbing El.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
From Heaven to Hell
20. From Heaven to Hell
September 2, 2017
After fleeing from Charioce XVII's ball, Nina and the others are pursued by the Onyx Knights, who make an attempt on their lives. Mugaro acts together with Azazel, and Jeanne encourages him to return to the land of the gods.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
Shall We Dance?
19. Shall We Dance?
August 26, 2017
Jeanne and Sofiel leave the land of the gods in search of El, but they aren't able to get any information. As part of a plan to snatch Charioce XVII's bracelet, Nina and Alessand lead an effort to sneak into a ball at the palace.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
18. Invictus
August 19, 2017
By meeting Charioce XVII again, Nina gains the ability to transform into a red dragon at will.Azazel has escaped the coliseum and is filled with bitterness when learning of Nina's new ability. El gazes on at Azazel, and the group plans how to snatch the bracelet that Charioce is wearing.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
Virgin Souls
17. Virgin Souls
July 28, 2017
Nina and El flee from the land of the gods and return to the capital.There they are reunited with Rita and Favaro, who have rescued Kaisar.While searching around town for information, Nina once again encountersCharioce XVII in disguise.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
City of the Gods, Part Two
16. City of the Gods, Part Two
July 22, 2017
El attempts to evade Nina and Bacchus in order to flee from captivity inpalace of the gods.Meanwhile, in the capital of Anatae, Kaisar is taken from prison to thecoliseum, where he's forced to battle one-on-one against a demon.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
City of the Gods, Part One
15. City of the Gods, Part One
July 15, 2017
Nina and Jeanne soar through a storm to reach the land of the gods. Once there, Jeanne is reunited with her son, El. Meanwhile Azazel now a captive of the humans is forced to battle other demons to the death in the capital's coliseu.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
14. Homecoming
July 8, 2017
Nina and Jeanne leave behind the battlefield and head toward Nina's home in search of a way to enter the land of the gods. There they meet the village elder and are warmly welcomed by thevillagers, including Nina's mother. (C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
A Farewell to Arms
13. A Farewell to Arms
July 1, 2017
War erupts between humans and gods. To get the upper hand against the fast-advancing gods, Charioce XVII activates a weapon that was slumbering deep underground. Just when Nina and the others are escaping from the dungeon, they're thrown into the heat of battle.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
The Great Escape
12. The Great Escape
June 23, 2017
After failing to break out of the dungeon once, Nina and Jeanne are helped by Rita in their second escape attempt. Meanwhile, Gabriel leads the gods' advance on the royal capital, where Charioce is waiting. Forces on each side are about to open fire.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
Declaration of War
11. Declaration of War
June 16, 2017
Hoping to see Mugaro again, Jeanne and Nina decide to break out of the dungeon where they're imprisoned. In the capital, the gods have gotten hold of El's power, and they demand that Charioce return the power that he took from them.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
The Way She Was
10. The Way She Was
June 9, 2017
Differences with Charioce XVII led the former captain of the Orleans Knights Jeanne D'Arc to be ejected from the capital and lose everything.
Same Old, Same Old
9. Same Old, Same Old
June 2, 2017
Even imprisoned, Nina is still her energetic self, working away tirelessly. On the other side of the prison, Kaisar finds out that his old friend Favaro has also been imprisoned and discovers that Favaro already knows Nina. Kaisar sits and listens as Favaro tells him the story of how he met Nina.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
The Day of Defeat
8. The Day of Defeat
May 26, 2017
Burning with rage, the demon Azazel engages King Charoice XVII in combat, and the Orleans Knight captain Kaisar takes action to do what he believes is right.
The Day of Victory
7. The Day of Victory
May 19, 2017
The Orleans Knights captain Kaisar becomes uneasy as he spots demons led by Azezel acting suspiciously, so Kaisar attempts to advise Charioce XVII against participating in the upcoming victory parade. Meanwhile, Nina has no idea that any of this is going on as she helps run the food stand with Rita in the city.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
Anatean Holiday
6. Anatean Holiday
May 12, 2017
Nina is out shopping for supplies to prepare for the evening festival of the war commemoration. She bumps into the handsomely disguised Charioce in the city once again, and invites him to the food stand she is helping to run.
Those Who Won't Give Up
5. Those Who Won't Give Up
May 5, 2017
The demon Azazel was saved by Nina, and now he wants to use Nina in his revolt against mankind. Meanwhile, being completely unaware of all this, Nina is enjoying shopping with Mugaro in the city. At the same time, Kaisar and Rita are having lunch together...(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
4. Firestarter
April 28, 2017
The rag demon (Azazel) faces Charioce XVII's forces alone in order to save the demons that are being held hostage.
Close Encounter
3. Close Encounter
April 21, 2017
A god has infiltrated the capital following the trail of Mugaro's recently unleashed power. Nina is enjoying life in the capital as if nothing happened, and she has a chance meeting with an attractive, young man. Back at the palace, Charioce XVII takes up command and sets out to capture the rag demon (Azazel) himself.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
The Miserables
2. The Miserables
April 14, 2017
After waking up in Rita's clinic, Nina continues to work hard in the capital. Azazel approaches her in hopes of using her red dragon powers to get revenge against the humans.Meanwhile in the palace, Charioce XVII questions Kaisar on his responsibility for failing to capture the rag demon, spurring Kaisar to attempt to contact the rag demon on his own.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
Red Dragon
1. Red Dragon
April 8, 2017
There are rumors of a mysterious rag demon that has been massacring humans in the capital. Hearing this, Nina decides to try to catch this wanted criminal. Nina is a young girl who has come to the capital to work hard and earn money to send back to her mother in her rural village.(C)Cygames/MAPPA/BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL
  • Premiere Date
    April 8, 2017