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  • 2014
  • 1 Season

The show Ray Rice: Celebrity Bad Behavior is a documentary-style program airing on the REELZ network that explores the scandalous and controversial behavior surrounding former NFL running back, Ray Rice. The program delves into the events leading up to and following Ray Rice's infamous 2014 assault of his then-fiancee, Janay Palmer. Through interviews with legal experts, psychologists, journalists, and former athletes, the show highlights the societal issues surrounding domestic violence and the far-reaching consequences of bad behavior in the public eye.

The program begins by providing an overview of Ray Rice's life and football career. Rice grew up in a rough neighborhood in New Rochelle, New York, and played college football at Rutgers University. He was eventually drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2008, where he played for six seasons and helped lead the team to a Super Bowl victory in 2013. Rice was a beloved player in Baltimore and had a reputation as a hard worker and dedicated family man off the field.

That all changed on February 15, 2014, when Rice and Palmer got into a physical altercation in an Atlantic City casino elevator. The incident was captured on surveillance video, which later went viral and sparked widespread outrage. In the video, Rice is seen punching Palmer in the face, causing her to fall unconscious. He then dragged her out of the elevator and left her lying on the floor while he spoke with security guards. Rice was later arrested and charged with assault, but the case was later dropped after he agreed to attend counseling.

The fallout from the incident was swift and severe. Rice was initially suspended for two games by the NFL, which many people felt was too lenient. However, the situation became even more heated when a second video was released by TMZ showing the full extent of the assault. This new video showed Rice delivering a knockout punch to Palmer, causing her to hit her head on the elevator rail and lose consciousness. The NFL was criticized even more harshly for not punishing Rice more severely, and he was eventually suspended indefinitely from the league.

The show explores the various reactions to Rice's behavior from the media, the public, and other professional athletes. Some people were quick to condemn Rice and call for his career to be completely ruined, while others attempted to downplay the situation and shift the blame onto Palmer. The program examines the ways in which society often blames victims of domestic violence for their own abuse and the difficulties that many women face when attempting to leave abusive relationships.

The show also looks at the legal aspects of Rice's case and the ways in which the criminal justice system can sometimes fail victims of domestic violence. Experts discuss the challenges of prosecuting these types of cases and the reasons why many victims choose not to come forward. The program also examines the role that sports leagues and individual teams can play in combatting domestic violence and supporting victims.

Ray Rice: Celebrity Bad Behavior is a thought-provoking and emotional program that provides valuable insights into the complex issue of domestic violence. The show offers a balanced perspective by interviewing a variety of experts and individuals with different viewpoints on the situation. The program is not just about Ray Rice himself, but the societal issues that his case has brought to the forefront. While the subject matter is difficult and at times uncomfortable, the show is an important reminder of the consequences of bad behavior in the public eye and the impact that such behavior can have on others.

Ray Rice: Celebrity Bad Behavior
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Ray Rice: Celebrity Bad Behavior
1. Ray Rice: Celebrity Bad Behavior
September 23, 2014
An in-depth look at Ray Rice's shocking transgression, along with other athletes, celebrities and pop culture icons and how the controversies around their crimes start national discussion. Hear from Dr. Drew Pinsky, Joe Theismann an ex-NFL player, Dr. Casey Cooper a sports psychologist, Thomas Girardi a Los Angeles attorney, Derrin Horton a KTLA Sports Anchor and more as they look at the questions asked when celebrity athletes break the laws and rules.
  • Premiere Date
    September 23, 2014