Watch TV Shows on Reelz

Reelz Channel has programming related to the latest news and information in Hollywood. With shows such as Access Hollywood and Celebrity Damage Control the audience gets an inside glimpse into the world of the celebrity. There is also programming that caters to the reality buff in viewers with shows such as Snapped and Beverly Hills Pawn.

Access Hollywood LIVE is an hour long show hosted by Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. They bring the news of celebrity drama and angst to the audience with the flair of a talk show. Interviews with popular celebrities and the latest red carpet are also showcased.

Celebrity Damage Control is a show that takes the viewer through the public relations maze celebrities navigate. The reality genre takes on the scenario of stars playing themselves on the small screen and in the news. Some episodes have documented the troubles of Mike Tyson and Wynona Ryder.

Snapped delves into the psyche of a woman scorned and the consequences that manifest. Episodes are of real individuals that have killed spouses in heinous ways. One example is when the husband of a teacher vanishes and her story takes on bizarre twists and turns. Viewers watch to see if the women will get away with murder.

Beverly Hills Pawn highlights the items pawned which once belonged to celebrities. The show is hosted by Yossi Dina who takes his staff with him as he acquires jewelry and other valuable Hollywood artifacts. During the show the viewer may forget that he is a pawn broker because of his dress and the items he appraises.