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Imagine turning loose on the unsuspecting population of Los Angeles, a zealous clan of Georgia hillbillies. The Hollywood Hillbillies is a uproarious and entertaining series that follows the crazy activities of a family who reached fame and found their black gold on YouTube. There is granny Mema, Uncle John, and their kin taking on Hollywood. They have no desire to fit in and follow the Hollywood crowd, all they want to do is cash in on their internet notoriety superstar status. This family found their name had become a household word when Kittrell better known as The Angry Ginger decided he wanted to make a video in protest of another popular animated cable series.

The Hollywood Hillbillies demonstrates how the use of social media can create fame in the life of ordinary folks. However, this Georgia clan is anything but ordinary; they are opinionated, hilarious and real people. This colorful family talks about everything and anything in their attempt to make a name for themselves up in the Hollywood lights.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on REELZ
3 Seasons, 29 Episodes
January 21, 2014
Cast: David Weintraub, Paul Conlon, John Cox, Delores Hughes
Hollywood Hillbillies
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Hollywood Hillbillies Full Episode Guide

  • An earthquake scare sees the Hillbillies getting ready for the next big one.

  • The Hillbillies fall back in love with roller skating after visiting a roller derby.

  • Dee Dee plays a Hollywood gig with her new rock band; Michael and Mema shop for a high-tech toilet; and Johnny works as an organic steak salesman.

  • The family attends a charity party, and Michael's new Internet girlfriend pays a visit.

  • Michael attends a Highland Games festival; and the gang helps former "Baywatch" star Nicole Eggert with her new venture—an ice-cream truck.

  • Michael decides to take his music career into his own hands.

  • The family heads to Catalina Island for some rest and relaxation. Mema and Johnny take Michael deep-sea fishing; and Dee Dee faces a near-death experience while snorkeling along the shore.

  • After a picnic that goes horribly wrong, Dee Dee takes her family to a Malibu winery to get them more "culturized."

  • Dee Dee and Paul take the family on a whale-watching adventure; Uncle Johnny makes extra cash at Hollywood estate sales; and Michael learns about the music business from Ray J and his manager.

  • Michael and Mema meet with potential new managers.

  • Mema and Michael appear on Adam Carolla's podcast to publicize the music video, but Michael's performance doesn't sit well with David Weintraub. In other events, Johnny works to transform the family ambulance; and Dee Dee and Paul take dance lessons.

  • Mema gives David Weintraub a piece of her mind after his party leaves the house a wreck; Dee Dee and Paul search for a minister, but instead find new age spiritual healers; and Johnny and Michael build a chicken coop.

  • In the Season 3 premiere, Dee Dee has a wild bachelorette party. The guys, meanwhile, host Paul's shindig at a bowling alley; and Michael performs with rapper Too Short.

  • Mema heads to Georgia to celebrate her 50th high school reunion while David Weintraub and Ray J plan a publicity stunt to make Michael's music video go viral.

  • Michael enlists the help of some young directors to make his first music video.

  • Michael tries his hand at internet dating as his family tags along to make sure they aren't weirdos. Mema and Deedee struggle to find an extremely large wedding dress that fits their budget, and Johnny builds a hillbilly hideout to try and get some peace and quiet. Finally, the family goes to a water park.

  • Dee Dee hires a nutritionist to help her lose weight before her upcoming wedding but Mema doesn't approve of this "expert's" ideas about food; Michael records his single; Mema bonds with Brandi and Ray J's "momager" Sonja Norwood.

  • Michael realizes writing a hit song is more difficult then he thought it would be. Paul has a issue with his teeth. The van breaks down.

  • The family takes residence in a hotel while they search for somewhere affordable to live. The family meet up with David Weintraub and Ray J to discuss Michael's record deal.

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