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Go behind the scenes and watch master contractor Jim Caruk open up his world. See what really happens when the homeowners aren't looking. Where other shows focus on the clients and their dreams, Real Renos looks at what it actually takes to get the job done. You will never learn how to put up drywall or install a sink, but you will see what it is truly like to experience a renovation.

Real Renos is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (77 episodes). The series first aired on November 17, 2017.

Where do I stream Real Renos online? Real Renos is available for streaming on Ammo Content, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Real Renos on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Ammo Content
6 Seasons, 77 Episodes
November 17, 2017
Cast: Jim Caruk
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Real Renos Full Episode Guide

  • A million dollar project is finally finished and the results are spectacular, the homeowners are thrilled and Jim is right on budget - almost. If only all his jobs could go this smoothly. Judge Jim takes a day off from the job sites to check in on some "superstars".

  • Its errors all around on the jobsites: a homeowner plays contractor creating chaos, Jim's math skills muck him up, walls are built too high and to top it off, Jim is sick as dog.

  • 6It's all going so well for contractor Jim Caruk, until one prickly project gets even pricklier when a neighborly dispute escalates - and tests Jim's customer service skills. Will the job finish before somebody snaps?

  • Jim 'lends a hand' on the job site. The exteriors are going well but inside there's a watery mess and an overdesigned bathroom. It's a relief for Jim to retreat outside and have some fun in the dirt.

  • 4Contractor Jim Caruk gets caught between indecisive homeowners and restless trades. Things must keep moving, or the trades will be gone. If decisions don't come soon, Jim and the homeowners will face bigger delays than they bargained for.

  • With several big jobs on the go contractor Jim Caruk is back in the thick of it. But with a brutal winter that keeps on storming, digging these monstrous job sites out seems to be all that's getting done.

  • Real renos is back and contractor Jim Caruk is still going strong, but the jobs he's taking on now make his old world look like a walk in the park. Between untouchable landscaping, a one-year delay and some major structural issues looming, Jim's off to a very bumpy start.

  • It's been a long haul, but the two-story, huge renovation at Niagara is finally finished and it looks spectacular. Jim and Neil are happy and the homeowners are thrilled. The little bungalow on Wildwood is also complete, and the before and afters are amazing. The house has gained a floor and doubled in size.

  • The Wildwood bungalow is moving along nicely. With the framing almost finished, Jim pitches in to help get the rafters up. Later Neil joins Jim to help with a job they love to do together -installing the windows. The drywall and trim get done and the boys frame in a tub. The two-story Niagara reno starts to wrap up as well as Neil and carpenter Wayne oversee things.

  • The year-long reno at Dalewood is finally over, and no one is happier than the homeowners. Over at the big two story job on Niagara, the framing gets finished, the drywall goes in and Jim and Neil build a bulkhead. And the little bungalow they're working on now has a second floor.

  • It's down to the wire over at Dalewood. All is well as the kitchen goes in, the flooring goes down, but Neil loses it when Wayne suggests more changes to the fireplace. We also learn of a break-in over there.At the Niagara reno, the water-proofing and backfilling goes smoothly, but the three stacked fireplaces are causing confusion.

  • Jim is in total control at the Dalewood reno. The bricks and stucco got done while Neil was away in England. But Neil complains it's moving too slow and tells the homeowner that the house won't be ready in time. Over at the demolished Niagara reno, Jim and Neil go over the changes to the drawings and finish the footings for the addition. Neil also shows off his holiday video.

  • Only three walls are left standing at the Niagara reno. Digging and underpinning is underway and Jim and Neil install posts for the steel beam. Progress continues at the Dalewood renovation, but ever so slowly. Neil re-builds a landing and brings Jim up to speed on what needs to get done while he's away on holidays in England.

  • Contractor Jim Caruk takes on a big new job. It's a full gut and two storey addition. The demo is started, the walls are knocked down, until a baby raccoon makes an appearance. Meanwhile, foreman Neil Davies is struggling over Dalewood, where the full gut and two story addition is moving very slowly.