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  • 1969
  • 1 Season

Red Bull Moments is a thrilling show on Red Bull TV. This show features some of the most amazing athletes, adventurers, and extreme sports enthusiasts from around the world. These people have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in their respective sports and have achieved some incredible feats that have been captured on film for viewers around the world to enjoy.

Each episode of Red Bull Moments takes viewers on a journey with a different athlete or team. We get to see what they are passionate about, what they do to prepare for their chosen activity, and what it's like to live their lives full of adventure and risk. The athletes featured in this show come from a range of disciplines, including skydiving, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and many more.

One of the most exciting aspects of Red Bull Moments is the unbelievable footage of these athletes in action. We see them jumping out of planes, plummeting down steep mountainsides, soaring through the air on skateboards or BMX bikes, and riding massive waves. The camera work on this show is simply incredible, as it captures every detail of these daring stunts and dangerous feats.

In addition to showcasing these incredible athletes, Red Bull Moments also explores the mental and physical challenges of their sports. Viewers get an inside look at what it takes to train for and execute these dangerous and often life-threatening activities. Athletes talk about their motivation, their mental and physical preparation, and the potential consequences of their actions.

Overall, Red Bull Moments is a must-watch for anyone who loves adventure, action, and extreme sports. The show offers a unique perspective on the lives of these incredible athletes and helps us appreciate their dedication, courage, and athleticism. With its stunning visuals, thrilling music, and compelling narratives, Red Bull Moments is a true adrenaline rush that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Whether you are a fan of extreme sports or are just looking for a thrilling and captivating show, Red Bull Moments is definitely worth checking out. With its innovative approach, stunning visuals, and incredible athletes, this show sets a new standard for sports entertainment and offers an unforgettable viewing experience.

Red Bull Moments
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5. Roxrite
January 8, 2014
This episode features Roxrite demonstrating his signature move The Melting Halo.
Bobby Brown
4. Bobby Brown
February 28, 2014
Two times X-Games gold medalist, Bobby Brown, breaks down his thought process for the triple cork 1440 he landed in Alaska, spring 2011, all caught in super slow motion. Red Bull Moments captures athletes doing amazing feats at 1000 frames per second.
DeMarcus Ware
3. DeMarcus Ware
January 8, 2014
All-Pro linebacker, DeMarcus Ware, who is on pace to break the all-time season sack record, stars in Red Bull Moments: The Anatomy of a Sack.
Lindsey Vonn
2. Lindsey Vonn
January 8, 2014
Watch Olympic Gold Medalist and three-time World Cup champion ski racer Lindsey Vonn break down her thought process frame by frame. This was shot using a high-speed Phantom camera during her 2011 preseason training in New Zealand at Coronet Peak.
Ryan Sheckler
1. Ryan Sheckler
Ryan Sheckler pulls off a smooth Smith grind to kickflip out while being filmed at high speed.