Ridge Reaper

Ridge Reaper is a reality outdoor sporting series that was first aired in 2013. The series follows a group of hunters who are going to hunt across North America for some of the most exotic and largest game. The game hunted by the group ranges from Big Horn Sheep, to Elk, Moose, and many other animals. Along the way they have to face very harsh climates as they go out to hunt no matter the conditions. The gang of hunters discuss the gear they bring with them on the hunt, and how they are able to stay warm and dry while spending hours outdoors.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
3 Seasons, 19 Episodes
July 1, 2013
Animals, Drama, Reality
Cast: Jason Carter, Kip Fulks, Koby Fulks, Bryan Offutt
Ridge Reaper

Ridge Reaper Full Episode Guide

  • A season finale look into the past Ridge Reaper best episodes_4-18.

  • Jason Carter and his team hunt mule deer in Idaho.

  • To honor a lost friend, bucks plunge in the Mexican desert while the yearly trek south of the border provides a fantastic harvest. Watch Jason Carter and Marvin James hunt for giant mule deer.

  • Jason Carter continues his hunt for cous deer in Northern Mexico. Once again a huge backdrop and dense foliage conspire to conceal the stealthy cous deer.

  • Jason Carter ends the season playing the classic game of "shoot or don't shoot."

  • Colonel Fulks gets a big mature buck in Utah. Jason Carter goes to the Sonoran Desert in search of the dark antlered Mexican mule deer.

  • Kip and Koby Fulks take their father, "The Colonel", to Utah in order to go on a unique mule deer hunting experience. Jason Carter and his team are still struggling against the elements and multiple hunters that are on Colorado public land.

  • Jason Carter has to work through windy, 15 degree weather in hopes of finding a big buck on public land.

  • Jason Carter teams up with dog handler Josh Horrocks, in pursue a huge mountain lion.

  • Koby Fulks is in Utah hunting elk. Five hundred miles away, Jason Carter hunts pronghorn in a huge unit in Wyoming.

  • Bryan Offutt is set on a big buck in Utah that had evaded Jason Carter earlier in the season. Jason has to deal with dense terrain that's full of bulls.

  • Kip Fulks and Jim Shockey follow a marauding grizzly and end up with a Yukon two for one. Jason is in Arizona with an enviable public elk tag. The challenges are big in the varied unit.

  • Jason Carter gets a classic archery kill. Kip Fulks joins legendary Jim Shockey to hunt a huge Yukon bull moose.

  • Koby Fulks finally gets "Captain Hook". Jason and team search for a 420" behemoth in New Mexico.

  • Jason Carter is in the Nevada desert and continues to pursue his toughest quarry yet. Koby Fulks finds "Captain Hook", a big buck that eluded him last year.

  • Jason Carter is in Nevada buck hunting. Bryan Offutt gets his season off to a fast start in North Eastern Utah despite an injury offseason.

  • Jason Carter and team hunt Dall Sheep in the Yukon Territory, one of Canada's most remote concessions. Though their is lots of sheep they are elusive.