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The television show Sharkfest, is a thrilling and extraordinary series that takes viewers into the deep blue to witness some of the most incredible, dangerous, and jaw dropping footage of sharks. In this television show, viewers can feel like they are swimming right along with the sharks in this mind blowing show. Viewers will see various pieces of footage featuring divers in a shark cage recording their close encounters, amazing footage of close calls for boaters who come across these dangerous water beasts.

Sunday 7:00 PM et/pt on NAT GEO WILD
6 Seasons, 22 Episodes
August 10, 2014
Action & Adventure, Nature, Documentary & Biography, Drama, Mystery
Cast: Shô Hirano, Takahiro Hamada, Rio Yamashita, Hikaru Iwamoto
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SharkFest Full Episode Guide

  • The Whale That Ate Jaws examined an incident that occurred at the Farallon Islands in October 1997. Now, we explore these new events and the fascinating science behind the killer whale's taste for shark meat, with some shocking revelations.

  • They may be the ocean's top predators, but sharks still face great challenges at mealtime.

  • Imagine diving into the ocean only to discover that you are surrounded by one of the largest shark frenzies on the planet. Well, that is exactly what these researchers did in the name of science. In Polynesia, the largest school of sharks

  • Off the coast of San Francisco, an unexpected killing challenged the great white shark’s supremacy as the ultimate predator when one became prey to a killer whale. Whale-watchers witnessed a stunning act of nature as a killer whale rose to the water’s surface with a great white in its mouth and held it there for 15 minutes. Even more amazing, biologist Peter Pyle was nearby and able to get underwater footage of two whales feeding on the shark. They ate the liver and then departed the scene, leaving the rest to the birds. The incident raised questions, such as how did the killer whale take the huge shark without a struggle? And why did they only eat the liver?

  • Witness a clash of oceanic titans in the remote crystal-blue battlefields of Ascension Island. Yellowfin tuna and mako and tiger sharks are all apex predators, but to these sharks, yellowfin tuna...

  • In the waters of South Africa, giant sharks like great whites, tiger sharks, bull sharks, ragged tooth sharks, and whale sharks all reign supreme.

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