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Cory and Flowey go on a bit of a unique adventure as they're forced to travel alternate universe to alternate universe in search of a cure to the deadly Axetale virus that has plagued the multiverse. Cory and Flowey must work with the Sans of Time to fix their wrongdoings. Ink, Error, Dream, Canon, and Time attempt using their powers to restore peace to the timeline.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
September 10, 2017
Cast: NewScapePro, Ashlie9596
Roleplay Timetale

Roleplay Timetale Full Episode Guide

  • Cory and Flowey drop into Errortale AKA Universe Zero. Dream-Sans and Time-Sans are also here. This is where all of Error-San's creations come when he doesn't have a place for him. Why does Error-Sans want to destroy everything?

  • Cory and Dream-Sans stand before the infamous Dream Tree. It's pretty awesome but did Dream-San bring Cory all this way just to show him a tree? This tree is the tree of life. It is the physical embodiment of all the hoped, dreams, and aspirations of every living being in the multiverse.

  • Cory and Canon-Sans leap into Dusttale. This place is rather creepy. Canon-Sans has been to all of the universes observing from afar. How does he manage his time? He's got a calendar on his phone. It works wonders.

  • Cory and Flowey fall out of the portal for what seems like the millionth time. Flowey wants to move on but Cory thinks they need to recap for the fans. The Evil-Frisk was out to get Flowey and now they don't have the portal gun.

  • Cory and Frisk face to face again. Maybe for the last time? Two humans in one day, how could Blueberry-Sans be so lucky? Well one of them might be an imposter according to Underswap-Papyrus.

  • Cory and Flowey consider the fact that they're immune to the axetale virus while simultaneously being rude to Outertale Alphys. Time Sans requests that they treat this with a matter of urgency.