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Clive Owen (Closer, Children of God) stars as DCI Ross Tanner, a detective in the Specialist Elite Murder Unit with a potentially career-ending problem: his eyesight is rapidly fading. Tanner works diligently to protect the innocent-and his secret-in this riveting British drama.

Second Sight is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on January 9, 2000.

Where do I stream Second Sight online? Second Sight is available for streaming on Acorn TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Second Sight on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Acorn TV
2 Seasons, 17 Episodes
January 9, 2000
Cast: Clive Owen, Claire Skinner
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Second Sight Full Episode Guide

  • Drawn further into a climate of organized crime and murder, Tanner must discover the truth about community leader Ben Harris. Increasingly alienated from his team, Tanner faces the growing suspicion that there is an insider on the unit and with his lifelines used up, he must face the last enemy alone.

  • The discovery of the battered body of Ben Harris, a black community leader, pitches Tanner into a frightening climate of prejudice and bigotry. DS Jane Chancellor (Lesley Vickerage) seconded to the unit gets a second chance to prove herself to Tanner as he faces the growing mistrust of the team.

  • On the morning her fiance is found bludgeoned to death in his flat after his stag night, Kerry (Josephine Butler), daughter of powerful Lord Roddam (Michael Kitchen), awakes at her home, covered in blood but adamant she has been asleep all night.

  • Tanner is convinced that the key to solving the vicious murder of Vicky Ingham is her young son. Tanner's extraordinary plan creates conflicts within his handpicked team that threatens to overwhelm him.

  • The unsolved murder of pop violinist Vicky Ingham is the first case for the elite new Special Murder Unit headed by DCI Ross Tanner (Clive Owen). With Tanner struggling to conceal his failing eyesight from the team, DI Catherine Tully (Claire Skinner) riskily oversteps her authority leaving him professionally and emotionally exposed.

  • Volodya, Dima and Kira are taken by Fayzov's crew. With crooked cops and criminals, it seems the three are doomed. With the help of some friends and colleagues, they may yet have a chance...

  • The last witness in Tsaryov's case "accidently" perishes in a collision. Dima and Kira set out to prove the driver's innocence. Tigran retires from the force. Meanwhile, Olga takes the kids away in a panic. Dima discovers Ksyusha's affair.

  • A serial killer using social media as a platform is on the loose in the city. Time trickles down before his next strike, but Dima and Kira find the location just in time. An informant gives Dima more details on the Tsaryov case.

  • When an elderly man is killed for his pension money, all clues point blame to a drug junky. However, when detectives find the elderly man was broke, the motive becomes more than just money. An unexpected player in Tsaryov's case is revealed.

  • A businessman falls to his death while skydiving, but was he the true target? As Dima and Kira become closer, Ksyusha begins to drift away. Dima is given more information on Tsaryov's motive to return.

  • The wife of a high-profile politician plunges to her death from the window of an apartment building. Dima and Kira find hidden cameras there, pointing suspicion toward the landlord. Following the death of Larisa, Dima becomes more relentless in his search for Tsaryov. A surgeon may have a cure for Dima's eyesight.

  • Tanner and Tully have a surprising breakthrough about Matthew's stepfather, Adam, but will it help them solve the case?

  • The case grows ever more complex, with a rapidly increasing list of suspects, as Tanner's eyesight continues to diminish.

  • Despite learning of his impending blindness, Tanner perseveres on the case. When Tully realizes Tanner's secret, she decides to cover for him, under specific conditions.

  • DCI Ross Tanner (Clive Owen) makes a startling discovery as he begins work on a high profile case in the Specialist Elite Murder Unit with DI Catherine Tully (Claire Skinner).