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  • 2020
  • 1 Season
  • 6.9  (3,562)

Sex Explained is a Netflix documentary series starring Janelle Monáe that debuted in January 2020. It is a part of the Explained series, which offers insights into a wide range of topics from different angles. Sex, dating, and relationships are complex topics. The series explores the science and social dynamics behind these topics in a wide range of episodes that appeal to viewers of all sexual orientations and genders. From the myths surrounding the G-spot to the ways in which birth control works and the influences of technology on intimacy and sexual expression, each episode covers a different aspect of sex and its impact on society, health, and culture.

The series consists of five 20-minute episodes where Monáe, as the narrator, uses scientific evidence and expert interviews to explain sex-related tropes and phenomena, such as fertility and anatomy. Some of the episodes also focus on the societal aspects of sex, such as cultural taboos or the impact of pornography on sexual behavior.

The first episode, Birth Control, explores the impact of contraceptives on sexual and social behavior. It talks about the different options available, how they work, and their unwanted side effects. One of the most striking moments in this episode is the comparison between modern contraceptive methods and those available even just a century ago. It highlights the evolution of the options available and the struggle for reproductive rights.

The second episode, Fertility, discusses the biological mechanisms behind reproduction and how they influence sexual behavior. It talks about both the male and female reproductive systems as well as the ways in which hormones regulate fertility in both sexes. One of the most interesting revelations is the concept of 'sperm competition,' which has been observed in many species, including humans.

The third episode, The Female Orgasm, explores the myths and truths surrounding the female orgasm, including its evolutionary function and its relation to the clitoris. Monae explains the differences in the anatomy of men and women, highlighting the crucial role the clitoris plays while exposing the social stigma attached to women's sexuality.

The fourth episode, Sexual Fantasy, delves into the psychology behind sex, discussing sexual development and the many ways people express their sexuality. The episode highlights the fluid nature of sexuality, exploring the diverse range of sexual desires and the role of culture, upbringing, and personality in determining those desires.

Finally, episode five, The Future of Sex, explores the impact of modern technology on sex and sexual behavior. From virtual reality to sex robots, Monae takes a comprehensive look at the ways technology has changed the way people express their sexuality and offers insights into how this could change in the future.

In conclusion, Sex Explained from Netflix is an engaging and informative documentary series that offers insights into a complex topic in a captivating and accessible way. With Janelle Monáe as the narrator and a wide range of topics covered, including social taboos, evolutionary biology, and the impact of technology, it offers something for everyone interested in the fascinating world of sex and sexuality.

Sex Explained is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (5 episodes). The series first aired on January 2, 2020.

Sex Explained
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5. Childbirth
January 2, 2020
Labor pains. Delivery trauma. The miracle of childbirth is difficult under the best of circumstances. Why is it so tough, and how can it be made better?
4. Fertility
January 2, 2020
Where do babies come from? Medical advances mean more and better reproduction options. So why do so many people still struggle to conceive a child?
Birth Control
3. Birth Control
January 2, 2020
Birth control has been around for millennia, so why isn't it better? From the pill to IUDs, discover why pregnancy prevention remains such a challenge.
2. Attraction
January 2, 2020
Do you have a type? More than one, perhaps? Find out what goes on when we're drawn to someone sexually and the many factors that fuel these turn-ons.
Sexual Fantasies
1. Sexual Fantasies
January 2, 2020
Harboring a naughty sexual fantasy? You're far from alone. Your desires likely fall into one of three titillating scenarios. Is your interest aroused?
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  • Premiere Date
    January 2, 2020
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (3,562)