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Six Degrees of Everything is a comedy reality show starring the Fine Brothers and their hilarious improv comedy. Each episode sets out to prove that everything in the world is linked to anything else within six degrees of separation. Benny and Rafi Fine, also known as the Fine Brothers, use everything and anything to make the connection between two seemingly unrelated items such as Neanderthals and Smartphones in just six degrees of separation. From original songs, to improv, to man on the street interviews to uncovering little known facts and taking to the internet, nothing is too over-the-top for these Brothers.

Join these guys as they make incredible stretches, uncover unbelievable hidden facts and learn fascinating tidbits on their mission to link the un-linkable. Find out how these guys discover a secret about the Vatican that links Hitler to Hip Hop, how they connect the Pyramid of Giza to personal pizza with craigslist, and how pigs and webcams connect Mother Theresa to Machine Guns.

Tuesday 9:30 PM et/pt on truTV
1 Season, 10 Episodes
August 18, 2015
Cast: Benny Fine As Himself Rafi Fine As Himself
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Six Degrees of Everything Full Episode Guide

  • Watch the Fine Brothers connect Mother Teresa to Machine Guns in six degrees. Plus, learn that pigs were taught to play joystick-controlled video games, and the world's first webcam was created to watch a pot of coffee!

  • Take a journey with Benny and Rafi as they find out that Hitler had a massive flatulence problem, Indonesian law dictates that female police officers must be virgins, and the Vatican has the highest crime rate in the world!

  • Take a journey with the Fine Brothers as they learn that Oprah once caused beef prices to plummet, there's an eerie pattern of presidential assassinations, and gunpowder was invented by the Chinese as an immortality potion!

  • Take a journey with the Fine Brothers as they find out jazz can reduce chronic migraines, one man used Craigslist to trade a cell phone for a Porsche Boxter, and penguins practice prostitution to build better nests!

  • Shakespeare to the Harlem Shake: Take a journey with the Fine Brothers as they connect Shakespeare to the Harlem Shake in just six short degrees. This time, Benny and Rafi learn: there are twenty five moons named after Shakespeare characters, it rains diamonds on Uranus, P.T. Barnum hosted the first beauty pageant and the biggest Harlem Shake video consisted of 70,000 participants.

  • The Fine brothers try to establish links between the Girls Scouts and "Game of Thrones." Included: rice used as mortar in the Great Wall of China; babies named Daenerys.

  • Cannibals to Cannabis: Take a journey with the Fine Brothers as they connect Cannibals to Cannabis in just six short degrees. In this episode, Benny and Rafi learn amazing facts: rich Europeans used to drink the blood of the recently executed, sword-swallowing is easier than it looks, and you'd have to smoke 800 joints to overdose on marijuana.

  • Take a journey with the Fine Brothers as they discover that Dr. Seuss was a nudist, Ben Franklin had an obsession with alcohol, and Godzilla was a symbolic representation of the atom bomb.

  • Take a journey with the Fine Brothers as they connect Neanderthals to Smartphones in just six short degrees. Along the way, Benny and Rafi will learn that Fiorello La Guardia was responsible for the invention of the thong, Napoleon wasn't actually short, and the modern smartphone is more powerful than all of NASA's computers from 1969.

  • Take a journey with the Fine Brothers as they connect Albert Einstein to breast implants and find that Einstein's brain was actually stolen, Elvis ate an 8,000-calorie sandwich and car tires were used for breast implants.

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